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Coral Guardian

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Campaigner The Blue Voice Delhi
Benefiting NGO ReefWatch Marine Conservation Tax Exemption certificate available
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I am Ishan Kapur, a student, a diver and an environmental enthusiast. Environmental pollution is increasing at an alarming rate, and apart from seeing its effects around my home and school, I also began to notice it during my dives. Divers and instructors who accompanied me spoke about the loss of corals and the depletion of marine life.

Driven to find a way to solve this problem, I created The Blue Voice, a campaign that aims to help save our oceans and marine life.

About ReefWatch Marine Conservation

If you’ve been following our work, you will know that we have been restoring coral reefs in the Andaman Islands – creating artificial reefs and transplanting rescued fragments of coral – for the past 3 years.

After the implementation of mineral accretion technology on fully adopted reefs last year, we are now giving out parts of our structures for individuals such as yourselves to ‘adopt’. Even from the safety of your homes, you can now become a Reef Guardian.

By adopting a reef you ensure that new reefs are being created in order to offset the reefs that we’re losing through various environmental stressors.

Over 25% of marine life is found on coral reefs that make up less than 1% of the ocean’s surface. They are havens of biodiversity and they are highly threatened. Over 40% of the world’s coral reefs are either dead or highly endangered. You will also receive an 80G certificate for tax exemptions! You can gift a reef to a friend that is an ocean lover, you can come together as a group of friends, you can raise money as a group of students who have visited our base before for one of our education programs – there are lots of ways to become a ‘Reef Guardian’ and we hope to welcome you as one soon! So, it's time to take action and you can do that from anywhere by signing up for our Reef Guardian program!


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