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Mouth Cancer – Questions

Is oral cancer curable?

Yes, it is. Many types of therapies, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and thermal therapy, can cure you of oral cancer forever.

Is oral cancer fatal?

It can take away your life if you don’t treat it, but this is extremely rare because most types of oral cancer only cause substantial tissue and organ damage, but this is rare. Oral cancer can metastasize, but this is also rare.

Can oral cancer spread by kissing?

No, oral cancer is not an infectious disease because it is caused by cells that divide uncontrollably because of mutated DNA.

Is oral cancer painful?

Generally speaking, yes, oral cancer is excruciating because cancerous cells tend to clump into tumors in your mouth and neck. This can make talking and eating/drinking very painful.

How can you detect oral cancer at home?

You can do a monthly self-exam for oral cancer by feeling and looking at your gums and lips using a mirror and a bright light. You should tilt your head back and analyze the roof of your mouth with your fingers. Examine your cheeks and throat for irregular lumps

At what age does mouth cancer occur?

You can get mouth cancer at any age. However, three out of four people will develop it after age 62.

What color is oral cancer?

Oral cancers can have many colors, shapes, and sizes, depending on their type. However, a general and tell-tale sign of oral cancer is a white or red patch that doesn’t go away inside or on the surface of your lips and mouth.

Does jaw cancer show up on an x-ray?

Yes, it does depend on its type, severity, and stage.

How fast does oral cancer spread?

Oral cancer can metastasize in a few months depending on the type you have.

Where is oral cancer most commonly found?

Most people develop oral cancer on their tongues.

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