India's 2023

Donation Highlights

Celebrating World Kindness Day With Ketto
Thank God It’s Donation Friday is the new TGIF!
More people donate on Fridays than
on any other day
What a six!
The 6th of every month is when the most donations are made
Online donors saved a whopping
 in taxes
Thanks to 80G tax exemptions!
What most first-time Ketto donors give
proving it doesn't take much to be kind
One man army
A man from Hyderabad made 941 donations this year!
That's nearly 3 a day!
Night owls save lives
Most online donations came in between 10 PM - 11 PM
That's enough to buy
74 Vada pavs
plus one for good luck!
is the average donation amount on Ketto
are the top dogs
when it comes to supporting animal welfare
1.3 million
made this year
were made, which is greater than the number of Bhutan citizens!
Tip tip barsa paani
supported Ketto’s goals with a tip this year
was the most popular
mode of online donation!
At 11:33 PM on 6th
February, 2023
The stars aligned and we received the
highest number of donations in a single minute!
Dilli ne ‘dil’ kholke diya
Most Delhiites preferred to support food-related causes over education
Most generous states in India
Maharashtra  ka ‘maha’ yogdan
Karnataka  se donate ‘karna’ seekho
Delhi ne ‘dil’ kholke diya
Tamil Nadu  ne ‘Mil’ ke diya
Kerala to ‘Care’la
Telangana’s Terrific ‘telan’trophy
Uttar Pradesh‘s kindness ‘UP’ lifted lives
Andhra Pradesh  ‘pledges’
West Bengal  gave it their ‘all’
Gujarat  for Donating din aur ‘raat’
Keep The Kindness Going
Join Indians across the country who are choosing to help.
Every act of support strengthens our community.
Make a Difference