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Cervical Cancer FAQs

Q. Can you die from cervical cancer?

A. Luckily, the survival rate is very high in case of cervical cancer. If the symptoms are taken seriously and diagnosed on time, it can be easily cured through modern treatment methods.

Q. Can you feel cancer on cervix?

A. You can identify if you have cervical cancer or not by carefully observing its symptoms like pain or discomfort during sex, abnormal vaginal discharge, pain in lower back and pelvis, etc.

Q. Can cervical cancer develop in 3 years?

A. Cervical cancer grows slowly. It usually takes at least 10 years before abnormal cells develop into cervical cancer.

Q. Can cervical cancer make you tired?

A. Yes, tiredness and fatigue are symptoms of cervical cancer. If they are accompanied by other important symptoms, then you must get the diagnosis done.

Q. Do you lose your hair with cervical cancer?

A. Yes, you lose hair, but not due to cervical cancer. You lose hair due to chemotherapy which is used to cure cervical cancer.

Q. Does cervical cancer spread fast?

A. Cervical cancer grows very slowly. But in rare cases, it may grow rapidly.

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