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What is Lung Cancer?

lung cancer

Cancer cells are always present in our body, and when these cells start growing out of control, then cancer develops, and when this happens in the lungs, particularly, called lungs cancer. Lung cancer proves to be the most common cancer in the world, which can cause death to both men and women.

It is seen that most of the lung cancer is due to smoking cigarettes. And other sources noted that is the reason to cause lung cancer are like tobacco, breathing second-hand smoke, or being exposed to high heat resistant fibrous silicate minerals, and lung cancer can be genetic sometimes.

In this detailed article by Ketto, you will get answers to all your questions and doubts about lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Explained

When cancer cells start developing in an infinite number is lungs, lung cancer occurs. In lung cancer, there are two batteries i.e., Small cell and non-small cells in which none small cells are more common. Lungs cancers start from the lungs and can spread all over to lymph nodes or can spread within the body, and when this disease moves from one body part to another, the process is called metastasis.

There are three ways in which lung cancer spreads to our body

  • Tissue – The disease known as cancer spread all around, from the point it is started to the areas nearby. The muscles become the source through which they travel
  • Lymph System – The lung cancer cells spread into the lymph system from the initial point.
  • Blood – Blood gives the way to spread lung cancer all over the body.


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