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Treatment of lung cancer

To cure your lung cancer, you can always choose the type of treatment you want and what suits you best and could be most affordable to you. You need to discuss the mode of treatment with your doctor.

In some cases, a person doesn’t want to go through any treatment. Generally, this situation arises when a person thinks that the outcome of the procedure is less potent than the side effects of the treatment.

Each lung cancer is treated according to the cancer cell persons develop like non-small cell lung cancer once diagnosed is checked; the percentage it has covered in the body. There are generally three sources in which these non-small cells spread all over the body.

Once lung cancer is confirmed, staging is done to figure out the condition of the other parts of the body. The information which is derived from staffing is used to determine the stage of cancer.

There are many different treatment options in lung cancer like:


In the surgical treatment, the doctor removes the affected part of the lungs with the thin line of healthy tissues as well. Procedure to remove this affected part can be different. Such methods are mentioned below.

Segmental resection

To remove the most badly affected part of the lung in this significant part of the infected lungs can be removed but not entirely.

Wedge resection

In this treatment method of lung cancer, the infected part of the lung is removed along with a thin line of healthy tissue.


In this treatment process of lung cancer, the entire lobe of the lung is removed with surgery.


This is done when the whole lung is damaged; in this surgery, the entire lung is removed.

Radiation therapy

The radiation therapy uses high powered radiation beams to kill cancer cells. These beams are from the sources like X-ray.

In this therapy, you need to lie down, and the beam is lit on the pointed parts of the body. People who have locally advanced lung cancer can go through with this treatment with the combination of chemotherapies.

For those whose cancer has reached advance stage, the focus of the treatment shifts towards palliative care to ease the pain.


Radiosurgery also known as stereotactic body radiotherapy is an effective treatment method for lung cancer. In this surgery, multiple-beam rays are aimed at the infected part from the same angle. This surgery can be completed in one or a few treatments.

This surgery is suggested to those who have small lung cancer and doesn’t want to go for surgical treatment.

Targeted drug therapy

Targeted drug cell as a treatment for lung cancer is suggested to those whose cancer cells have undergone genetic mutations. In targeted drug therapy, abnormal cancer cells present in the lung are targeted until they die.


In this therapy, the immune system of the lung cancer victim is empowered with necessary tools so that it can fight cancer cells. This is done because when lung cancer cell develops the blinds the ability of the immune system to kill the infected cells.

These therapies are generally related to people with advanced lung cancer.

Palliative care

People with lung cancer have Exposure to Signs and symptoms and have side effects of the treatment, to fight with that one needs to do the supportive care and that too by medicines. This palliative care is done to reduce the signs and symptoms of lung cancer.

Ask your doctor to suggest palliative care just after the diagnosis of lung cancer.

Lifestyle and home remedies

Try to cope with short breaths. In lung cancer, little inspirations are very common among people. In case of short breaths Try to relax, Find a comfortable position, Focus on your breathing, try breathing through pursed lips, Save your energy for what is important instead of wasting energy on unnecessary activities.

In case your short breaths are increasing even if you are taking care of them, then at once, you should inform your doctor for alternative therapies.

Alternative to medicine

Alternative medication won’t cure your lung cancer but will help you to reduce the signs and symptoms of your lung cancer. There are a few ways of alternative medicine treatments.

  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture is one of the supportive cares given while the treatment of lung cancer to provide relief in the pain and on the other side-effects likes nausea and vomiting. In this process, the practitioner inserts needles on the precise parts of the body. However, there is still no evidence that acupuncture has any effect on cancer or not.
  • Hypnosis
    Hypnosis is related to the physiological medication in which the therapist leads you to relax and calm. This therapy helps to reduce anxiety, restlessness, and pain in people during the treatment of lung cancer.
  • Massage
    Massage is a very relaxing and effective therapy that allows the person to relax. In this therapy, your muscles and skin get pressured through fingers to relax you.
  • Meditation
    Meditation not only improves the quality of life but also helps to be calm and determined. It is advisable to go for meditation therapies in case of lung cancer.
  • Yoga
    Yoga is an exercise that involves gentle stretching, which helps to balance the short breaths.

Coping and support

When the doctor diagnoses you with cancer, the news makes you dull, and you over think on the

Grab knowledge and learn more about your lung cancer to make decisions on your own

Once your lung cancer gets diagnosed, you should start doing research about your lung cancer treatments and their side effects to make decisions and to take full care of yourselves.

Always keep your friends and family close

When you have your close acquaintances near you, things will become easy. You can still get their support and care. Keeping friends aside with you will keep you motivated and determined.

Find someone to talk with

Always share whatever you feel after you are diagnosed with lung cancer. Find a good listener and speak with them. You can also join some of the support and share your feelings.

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