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Lymphoma – Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked questions
What is the survival rate for Lymphoma?

About 92% of patients with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma will survive initially? The survival rate drops to 86% after five years.  

Is Lymphoma fatal?

 It can be if not treated or not treated in time. However, you should note that only 65% of people with Lymphoma are alive ten years after treatment

Can Lymphoma be cured entirely? 

Most patients stay in remission for many years after surgery, but there can be relapse even if the initial treatment was successful. The answer is no, and modern medicine has not advanced enough to completely cure people with Lymphoma

What does Lymphoma look like?

If you see small, red patches of skin that are dry and sometimes itchy, see the doctor for lymphoma diagnosis.

How long can you have Lymphoma without knowing? 

Some people can live for up to 10 years without knowing they have Lymphoma. This is especially true if the Lymphoma grows slowly.

What does lymphoma itch feel like? 

It will be very irritating and severe. You may also feel a burning sensation on parts of the skin where the Lymphoma is present

Where does Lymphoma usually start? 

It tends to start in the spleen, lymph nodes, thymus, and bone marrow

Does Lymphoma spread quickly? 

Aggressive Lymphoma spreads quickly, but indolent Lymphoma does not

What not to eat when you have Lymphoma? 

Stay away from processed foods and foods that are high in fat and refined sugar

What does Lymphoma of the skin look like? 

Lymphoma comes in many forms. It can appear as small, red patches of raised skin, it can seem as flattened, thicker areas of skin, or it can seem as large lumps which are purple.

What is Lymphoma in the leg? 

It’s called large B-cell Cutaneous Lymphoma and is extremely rare. It tends to be aggressive

Is suffering from Lymphoma painful? 

Generally no. Most medical professionals have observed that lymphoma patients typically experience little pain and discomfort when dying.

Is Lymphoma contagious?

No, because Lymphoma is cancer, it is not communicable. No disease is infectious.

Is lymphoma cancer fatal? 

It can be even with treatment, especially if it is an aggressive form of Lymphoma.

Does lymphoma feed on sugar? 

Lymphoma uses the sugar reserves in your body as the primary source to help it live and grow.

Is skin lymphoma rare?

Yes, according to medical professionals, it is

How do you eat with Lymphoma? 

You should eat healthy if you have Lymphoma. This includes adopting a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables, starchy foods that are high in carbohydrates, meat, fish, eggs, and pulses, milk, and dairy foods, and a limited amount of food that is high in sugar

What does a lymphoma lump feel like? 

They feel like large, painless lumps in your armpit, neck, or genital area.

Can doctors miss the detection of Lymphoma? 

Yes, they can. 

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