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Mesothelioma Cancer- Symptoms

Mesothelioma symptoms might take anywhere from ten to fifty years to appear after the primary exposure to asbestos. Initial symptoms are mistaken often for less severe illness, which might complicate detection further. When a patient does recognize some of the following symptoms, they should get medical attention immediately, since early detection is the ideal way to enhance mesothelioma prognosis.

After examining and undertaking the biopsy test, the doctor will confirm if you have Mesothelioma. There will be a routine test, including the x-ray, to check if there is any unusual happening. It is essential to inform your doctor, especially if you have a history of asbestos exposure and the need for cancer screening.

Common mesothelioma symptoms

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Excessive sweating
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Blood clots

Pleural mesothelioma symptoms

  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Hoarseness
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Pain the lower back or chest sides
  • Swelling of the arms and face

Peritoneal mesothelioma symptoms

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fluid in the abdomen
  • Chest pain
  • Constipation

Pericardial mesothelioma symptoms

  • Heart murmur
  • Irregular heart rhythm
  • Shortness of breath

The symptoms might differ patient-to-patient based on the type of Mesothelioma since each type affects an individual body part. The symptoms experienced by the patient might assist in guiding the doctors during the diagnosis process and offer information on the exact place to carry out biopsies and imaging scans.

How to cope up with the Mesothelioma symptoms?

In case, you come across some symptoms of this cancer, then you will find it as per the similar one of the side effects of cancer treatment. Generally, the side effects of cancer treatment diminish within the weeks as the treatment ends. However, the mesothelioma symptoms keep progressing if cancer progresses.

It is important to connect with your oncologist to get more knowledge about the coping up with the mesothelioma symptoms.

Managing Symptoms

  • Intake of right Nutrition- To bring down the symptoms of Mesothelioma, it is important to have the proper diet carrying nutrition. This nutrition will help in gaining strength and energy to fight against cancer.
  • Alternate Therapies- Supportive and alternative treatment, including the acupuncture and mind-body therapies, can help the patients to manage the pain.
  • Seeking care from Mesothelioma Specialists- Since it is a rare disease, seeking medication or therapy from the therapist in the initial stage will work best. The doctor will ask to undergo therapies to improve the symptoms and prolong survival after diagnosis.
  • Radiation Therapy- Although, radiation therapy will not alone work to cure mesothelioma cancer, but will help to reduce the pain and shrink the tumor.


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