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Pancreatic Cancer – FAQs

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor if You Have Pancreatic Cancer

If you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (adenocarcinoma), asking the following questions can help you understand your situation better –

  1. What is the position of my cancer?
  2. How much has cancer spread in the body?
  3. At what stage of my disease has reached?
  4. What treatment options are there according to my cancer petition?
  5. What is the overall purpose of my treatment?
  6. If my cancer is at an advanced stage, when shall I consider hospice or palliative care?
  7. What are the side effects of the treatment procedure?
  8. What are the chances of success in my case?
  9. Can I undergo a clinical trial? How can I find more about it?
  10. What precautionary measures should I take during the treatment?

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How bad is pancreatic cancer?

A. Pancreatic cancer is so lethal that almost 95% of people who are diagnosed with it die.

Q. Can we cure pancreatic cancer?

A. Pancreatic cancer can be successfully cured if it is diagnosed at a very early stage. However, it is complicated to diagnose it at stages 0 to 2.

Q. Can we cure Stage 1 of pancreatic cancer?

A. Pancreatic cancer is curable if detected in stage 1, but it is generally undetectable at that stage

Q. Is stage 4 is the perilous and unmanageable stage of

A. Pancreatic cancer is detected at stage 4 in most patients. It is mostly incurable at that stage. However, treatment can prolong the life of patients.

Q. Can pancreatic cancer cause death as well?

A. The Chance of survival is meager for a person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Only 5% live up to 5 years and 2% beyond that.


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