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Causes of Pancreatic Cancer

Cancerous cells in the pancreas are known to grow and spread rapidly. The cells then spread to other parts of the body through the circulatory and lymphatic system. This is known as metastasization. In pancreatic cancer, metastasis happens at an early stage, due to which the treatment often becomes difficult.

The more the delay in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, the deadlier it becomes. The cost of treatment also increases sharply with time. In such cases, people from weak financial backgrounds find themselves at a disadvantage. At Ketto, we try to help such people by giving them a platform to raise funds to pay off their medical bills. Every person who is in urgent need of money can use Ketto’s platform to start a fundraiser and reach out to those who can support them.

Risk factors

Till now, the exact cause of pancreatic cancer is unknown. Still, there are reasons which are considered to be the reason which gives rise to pancreatic cancer. The significant risk factors are as follows:

  • Genetic
  • Sex
  • Environmental
  • Medical
  • Lifestyle
Genetic reason

Change in DNA and or damage in the DNA structure can affect the genes which are responsible for cell division and thus cause cancer.

  • Pancreatic cancer also passed from one generation to the next generation. 5-10% of cases of cancer of the pancreas are found to have someone in the family with same cancer.
  • External influence on genes due to environmental toxins like tobacco or cigarettes.
  • It can also occur due to specific genetic conditions of a person, which may significantly increase the chances of cancer to occur. Such conditions include:
    Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome
    non-polyposis colorectal cancer (Lynch syndrome)
Sex-related reason

Men at the age of 50 are more prone to have pancreatic cancer than women.

Environmental factors

Sometimes the ecological factors can also increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. The cancerous element in the environment can be

  • Pesticides
  • Dyes
  • Chemical used in metal refining
Medical factors

Medical factors include age, which is one of the significant factors behind this form and any other form of cancer. Generally, men at the age of 50 and around are more prone to pancreatic cancer. There are several diseases that can cause cancer in the pancreatic glands. Some of them are:

  • Cirrhosis
  • Infection of the stomach with the Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), an ulcer-causing bacteria
  • Diabetes mellitus (not a risk factor but has been linked to cancer)
  • Chronic pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas
  • Gingivitis or periodontal disease
Lifestyle-related factors

It is essential to maintain one’s health. And it should be the priority of the person to manage one health firstly. We should avoid some habits which are the reason for the creation of pancreatic cancer like

  • Smoking cigarettes is one of the biggest cause of pancreatic cancer. It is considered to be the number one cause of this and several other types of cancers. In fact, consuming any other tobacco-containing products on a daily basis may lead to cancer.
  • Heavy drinking causes cancerous tumors in the pancreas. Drinking too much alcohol regularly over a long period of time can lead to pancreatitis, which can then give birth to the pancreatic tumor.

Other reasons behind pancreatic cancer

  • The fluctuation of weight, gaining and reducing weight can cause pancreatic cancer
  • Lack of physical activities can cause the pancreatic
  • Consumption of red meat and fatty food on excesses can cause pancreatic cancer
  • Consumption of too much alcohol
  • Consuming a diet which does not contain fruits and vegetables
  • Two nutrients, lycopene, and selenium were found to be in low quantity in some of the bodies that are prone to pancreatic cancer.


Prevention of Pancreatic Cancer

Still, the reason and cure for pancreatic cancer is still unknown and not defined. There is none of the surest prevention discovered for pancreatic cancer. Still, there are reasons which can prevent pancreatic cancer like

Don’t smoke

A lifestyle that has the habit of smoking is the reason for most of the unhealthy bodies. Smoking cigarettes can cause pancreatic cancer. If you are a cigarette smoker, then try to avoid and stay healthy.

Stay at a healthy weight

Fluctuation in body weight is very harmful and can raise many unhealthy body diseases. Unhealthy weight fluctuation can be the reason for pancreatic cancer. Do more exercise and physical activities. If you have a sitting work job, then you should go for more physical activities to keep yourself healthy and sound.

Limit alcohol

Excess of everything is harmful to us. The same is the case of alcohol. Limit the abusive habit of excessive drinking of alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol is also detrimental otherwise also and can cause pancreatic cancer.

Limit the exposure to an unhealthy environment

You should avoid the harmful climate and unhealthy workplace, which can cause pancreatic cancer.


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