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What is Prostate Cancer?


There is a small gland in the men’s testicles which is shaped like a walnut. It is known as Prostate Gland. It produces semen which provides nutrients which sperm needs to survive. As with all body organs, it can develop potentially deadly cancer. It is the second most frequently occurring cancer in men in America and the world. Prostate cancer affects millions, and there were approximately 174,650 new cases in America alone in 2019. About 31,620 American men die every year from prostate cancer.

Since its prevalence is increasing throughout the world, you should know about prostate cancer, including its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. This article will cover this and more. You need to read this article by Ketto, especially if you are a man because doing so could help save your life!

Prostate Cancer Explained

All men have a prostate which tends to be about the size and shape of a walnut in younger men. Prostates tend to enlarge in men as they age, hence the higher risk of developing prostate cancer with older age.

Prostate cancer grows very slowly and is confined to the prostate. Little needs to be done in these instances. However, since there are five different types of prostate cancer, it can be fast-growing and aggressive. You need to seek treatment if this is the case with you because not doing so can be deadly. Remember that survival rates are highest in slow-growing cancer which is non-metastatic.

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