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Types of Prostate Cancer

Different Types of Prostate Cancer

The types of prostate cancer are:

  • Adenocarcinoma
  •  Small cell carcinomas
  • Neuroendocrine tumors
  • Transitional cell carcinomas
  • Sarcomas


Most prostate cancers belong to this category. They grow from the cells in the prostate gland, which make semen.

Small cell carcinomas

This type of prostate cancer is very uncommon, with less than 1% of all prostate cancers belonging to this category. It can be comprised entirely of small cells, or it can have the more common adenocarcinoma cells mixed in the tumours. Pure small cell carcinoma comprises 50% of all small cell carcinomas, and mixed cell comprises the other 50%.

Neuroendocrine tumours

Neuroendocrine tumour is although very rare, but at the same time a very aggressive kind of disease. It tends to appear during the later stages of prostate cancer.

Transitional cell carcinomas

This is a rare type of prostate cancer which metastasizes.


This is another rare type of prostate cancer. This type of cancer develops from mesodermal cells from the prostate’s muscles.

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