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15 August: Independence Day of India

    75th Independence Day of India

    Happy fifteenth august! India commemorates its freedom from British rule every year on this day. The day reminds us of the sacrifices of many who brought us freedom. Despite the fact that the Britishers left a decade ago, Indians are still fighting various conflicts.

    Where we are celebrating our 75th year of independence, medical services remain out of reach for many. The situation becomes even more grieving in case of a rare medical condition. Rare genetic conditions or congenital heart disease affect even infants.

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    Crowd Funding

    Crowdfunding is a modern-day practice of gathering money from a population to sponsor a project or endeavor, most commonly over the Internet in modern times. Crowdfunding makes Fundraising easy. Platforms like Ketto Online Fundraising are making crowdfunding easy for both beneficiaries as well as benefactors.

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    Steps to Raise Funds

    With Ketto, it is very easy to raise funds. Check the following steps to begin Fundraise:

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    Need for Medical Funding

    People suffer from medical conditions every day, and some nasty medical conditions need so much money. A critical surgery, an organ donation, a lifesaving injection, or a rare medication, can cost lacs and crores. Arranging the fund is not only tough but also impossible sometimes.

    People rely heavily on Medical Fundraising to save the life of their loved ones. Crowdfunding can raise funds for the treatment very fast in a matter of weeks or even days. So, if you know someone who needs to raise funds for the treatment of their loved ones, help them.

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