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Know the Significance of Online Crowdfunding Initiatives in Empowering Any NGO for the Elderly in India

    Significance of Online Crowdfunding Initiatives Empowering NGO for the Elderly

    Several senior citizens who need compassion and care during their twilight years receive insults and abuse from family members who should be looking after them. Sons and daughters abandon their parents when they need their support most. Most of them avoid simple tasks like bathing or feeding the elderly. The mental trauma of being neglected by a son or daughter can cause extreme hurt. Fortunately, there are institutions like any reputable NGO for the elderly in India looking after their needs. 

    Prevalence of mistreatment to the elderly

    Humanitarian steps by any NGO for the elderly in India to minimize the suffering of senior citizens are necessary because of the growth in elder abuse cases and other fatal incidences. The following pointers provide an insight into the plight of senior citizens in India:

    • Multiple types of abuse cases– Most senior citizens in India face all possible mistreatments like financial, verbal, physical, and psychological abuse.

    • Widespread nature of issues– Every second person who is over sixty years of age suffers some type of abuse by family members, including kids and relatives.

    • Constant growth in elder abuse events– The pandemic has resulted in a sudden rise in elder abuse cases because of extended lockdowns.

    The extent and penetration of the problem require the active involvement of government agencies and other social organizations, including any NGO for the elderly in India. Many NGOs help the elderly who need shelter and a supportive environment by operating senior living facilities.

     NGOs- improving the plight of the elderly

    Mr. Patel (name changed) is a retired officer staying with his son in a metro city. The growing demands of life like EMIs of housing loans, car loans, and other modern necessities force the son and daughter-in-law to go out for work. This leaves Mr. Patel alone in the sprawling flat with nobody to care for as his wife passed away a couple of years ago. Many senior citizens have their sons or daughters settling abroad and leaving them to look after themselves.

    It is a fact that senior citizens like Mr. Patel suffer in silence. The widespread neglect of the elderly, deliberate or unintentional, is a sad reality of modern society. The care and safety of the elderly are sensitive issues as families shrink in size. Daily neglect causes deterioration of the mental and physical well-being of the elderly. Senior citizens who suffer from abuse or neglect can get support from an established NGO for the elderly in India. 

    The involvement of NGOs in supporting and helping the elderly is crucial because of the rising cases of elder abuse and neglect. Fundraising and other activities by any reputed NGO for the elderly in India boost government initiatives to mitigate the sensitive issue. NGOs in India are doing a yeoman’s service to the elderly population by providing shelter, food, and healthcare support. Medical expenses can be overwhelming as most senior citizens lack funds to buy medicine or pay hospital expenses.

    Established fundraising platforms offer a variety of Crowdfunding solutions to NGOs for helping the elderly improve their quality of life.

    How can NGOs make a difference?

    NGOs provide robust support to the elderly, requiring financial or emotional backing. These social institutions leverage their organizational strength and noble intent of helping the respected senior citizens. The elderly have the right to live a decent life without fear of facing neglect and humiliation at the hands of family members.

    Volunteer organizations can help seniors who live alone by ensuring domestic help. Any established NGO for the elderly in India can arrange volunteers who help senior citizens by doing simple household chores. Several senior citizens require nursing care such as dressing, bathing, and so forth. One can help them by bringing provisions and medicines if the elderly cannot go out.

    NGOs can assist senior citizens who are physically active to engage in suitable activities. These can include tutoring, consulting, or getting involved in government-sponsored programs for the elderly. NGOs can develop communities for the elderly while they are busy working for some noble cause. These programs also help the elderly enjoy the company of others while working together for a common goal.

    Homes for the aged- enriching lives of the elderly

    Established NGOs and other social organizations offer robust support to homes for the elderly to enhance the lives of the elderly. These facilities enable senior citizens to enjoy community living in addition to safety and timely medical support. A majority of senior citizens cannot afford to bear the expenses of staying at retirement homes. Charitable organizations need to explore ways to raise funds to support the senior living facilities that provide shelter to the poor.

    Professionally run homes for the aged offer an enriching environment and infrastructure to help residents make their lives meaningful. These centers support the elderly by providing mental and physical healthcare. Celebrations of special events like birthdays of inmates and festivals encourage senior citizens to become social. Social isolation, anxiety, and depression are common concerns of the old generation. The lively environment at the homes for the aged is essential to keep the negative thoughts at bay. Celebrations and recreational activities help develop a family environment while boosting relationships. The fundraising initiative is a vital requirement to support Old Age home activities. Any reputable NGO for the elderly in India can play a crucial role in helping the elderly by raising funds to support shelters for the aged. Socially conscious organizations can instil happiness and dignity in the lives of the elderly by raising funds to support retirement homes.

    Online fundraising platform and NGO for the elderly in India

    Fundraising can be an overwhelming job for an NGO for the elderly in India because of the massive scope of the issues concerning senior citizens. Online fundraising platforms provide a straightforward and efficient means to generate funds for NGOs working for the elderly. An NGO need not harness all its resources to ask for donations from individual donors.

    A reputable Crowdfunding platform like Ketto can make a world of difference by offering professional Crowdfunding expertise to NGOs. These platforms promise a significant impact through their marketing prowess. NGOs can leverage the efficient digital platform to expand their digital outreach. Crowdfunding platforms offer cutting-edge digital tools to reach serious donors.

    Most small and medium NGOs working for the elderly lack access to digital tools and websites that support online payments. Online platforms for Crowdfunding ensure a user-friendly resource to attract and encourage individuals to donate for the just cause. Every NGO for the elderly in India can enjoy a level playing field with access to fundraising tools to propagate the sensitive social cause across the masses. Donors get to use the intuitive interface of the online platform.

    Fundraising ideas to support the elderly

    Reputed online Crowdfunding platforms can support a wide spectrum of fundraising initiatives. Any NGO can introduce a Crowdfunding fundraiser through an established platform. The following are a few practical ideas to generate donations through online fundraising platforms:

    • Organizing a competitive event like a marathon to raise funds for the elderly is a practical and popular concept. Sports events receive excellent support as people are becoming health conscious. You can promote your social cause to spread awareness and raise funds by leveraging online platforms. A fundraiser for an NGO for the elderly in India ensures support from the participants.

    • People like to donate to a cause during festivals and awareness days. NGOs can spread awareness about a fundraiser activity on a festival across their supporters. The online Crowdfunding platform can create a fundraiser around the festival to help the cause of the elderly.

    • Corporate supporters can use Crowdfunding to support an NGO for the elderly in India. They can also earn valuable CSR in the process. Experienced crowdfunding platforms help corporate and individual volunteers start a Crowdfunding initiative. They can leverage their social media platforms to spread awareness and encourage members to donate.

    In conclusion

    With every second senior citizen facing some or other abuse or neglect, the problem of elder abuse is assuming a massive proportion in urban India. Elders facing abuse often require support for food, shelter, and healthcare. They are also in need of emotional support to deal with the mental trauma of the abuse. NGOs shoulder the responsibility of taking care of the elderly and restoring their dignity. Several charitable organizations are working hard to uplift the plight of elders who are victims of abuse and mistreatment. Every NGO for the elderly in India can leverage online Crowdfunding platforms to expand their outreach. These organizations can raise more funds while reducing the cost of fundraising activities by partnering with a reputed online Crowdfunding platform like  Ketto. The platform provides access to advanced digital tools and Crowdfunding ideas. Online Crowdfunding platforms also help NGOs establish an online presence to boost their reputation.

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