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Acknowledging Our Frontline COVID-19 Warriors on India’s 75th Independence Day

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    Celebrating 75 years of independence

    It has been two challenging years for everyone around the globe due to the widespread panic caused due to the Coronavirus. Everyone suffered a tragedy, restrictions, problems, and a lot of misery in some way or the other. You might have seen people getting infected and not being able to get themselves checked or treated. You might have also seen people unable to pay for their medicines, losing their jobs, and much more. But do you think we, the ‘common man’, have suffered the most? Are we the ones who have seen tragedy and chaos around us?

    If you think yes, then think again! Our front liners have been the ones who have suffered the most. They have not only seen tragedy at its worst but have felt powerless even after being the ones that could help. Our front liners, including doctors, healthcare professionals, the police force, municipality workers, and many more, have been working day and night so that we can overcome the situation. Truly, we cannot say enough about them and can’t thank them enough. 

    On this 75th Independence Day, let’s thank them with a token of respect. Those front-liners who have been working day and night, skipping their meals, giving their very best, and helping people when no one else could have. Initially, we might have thought this virus to be a joke, and being pressured to stay at home made us angry. But with their constant help, strictness, and abiding by the rules, we are steadily overcoming the situation. This much you would agree, right?

    On the occasion of our freedom day, we would like everyone to remember and acknowledge the efforts of our frontline warriors. However, it’s not just these people who have worked their level best. There have been a lot of other organisations and even individuals who have made a difference. Yes, you heard that right! Many individuals like yourself came onto Ketto’s online crowdfunding platform to contribute, donate, assist and help people. 

    Celebrating Ketto’s 9th anniversary this year, we should also acknowledge their presence and efforts that helped save many people.

    Contribution of Crowdfunding

    The power of online fundraising has time and again shown the world how a small monetary help can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Ketto has been working since 2012 to make lives better for people who either lost someone or something in a natural disaster or a pandemic. Recognising fundraising efforts in India, even superstars like Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have started their program on this platform. They have started a fundraising program to raise seven crores to help people and families affected by the pandemic. According to their statement, this money will be used to provide oxygen to people, vaccinate them, help in boosting the medical manpower, and bring better telemedicine facilities to India.

    And all of this is just about one program on the Ketto platform. There have been many such fundraising programs on this platform since 2012. This non-profitable NGO has also started its SIP (Social Impact Plan). 

    Insight about Social Impact Plan

    You might be thinking about what this plan is and why you should contribute to the Social Impact Plan. So, if you want a reason, here it is. According to Indian stats, a child dies every two minutes just because their parents cannot afford the treatment cost. Ketto is on a mission to make healthcare accessible and available for everyone. 

    By connecting with the Social Impact Plan, you get a chance to contribute to this mission. It doesn’t matter how small your contribution is; it can still make a huge difference in someone’s life. 

    Moreover, SIP is not a person hosting something; it is a community of aspiring people. A group of life-changing people coming together to help those in need. Isn’t joining a team like this on our country’s freedom day a good step towards life? Think it over. An amount that wouldn’t even matter going from your pocket can be a meal or a life-saving amount for someone else. 

    So, let’s take out time to acknowledge the efforts, determination, and devotion of our country’s medical front-liners as well as crowdfunding platforms like Ketto. The latter has been helping people in silence and making a difference since 2012. On the occasion of our 75th Independence Day and Ketto’s 9th anniversary, let’s celebrate the good we have done and start contributing just a little so that it could make a difference in someone’s life. Start your good today by donating yourself and awarding people to donate on such platforms as Ketto.

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