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Healthnest Services – Everything you Need to Know About Buddy Circle Community

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    Healthnest Services - Buddy Circle Community

    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected lives all around the world. Individuals in different parts of the world faced various challenges, some emotional and some physical.

    Many individuals around the world have raised concerns regarding mental health issues faced while being isolated at home. Mental health issues have seen an upsurge along with the pandemic as individuals as isolated individuals have started to feel anxious, lonely, and exhausted by all that is going around them.

    According to the latest stats, about 13% of the world population and 7.5%  of Indians suffer from mental health issues. This number is expected to go higher as the uncertainty regarding the pandemic still prevails.  In India, we have only 4,000 mental health professionals to tackle this issue.

    What is Anxiety?

    Anxiety is not just the regular stress we feel from workload or exams or anything. Regular stress prevails only for a few days, but if someone is feeling anxious, nervous, or fearful about small events for a bit longer period, then it might be of concern.

    Anxiety or fearfulness shows some symptoms to look out for:

    • Sweating
    • Mouth dryness
    • Loss/gain of appetite
    • Losing focus
    • Feeling fatigued or lonely
    • Losing interest in any activity one used to enjoy before
    • Social anxiety
    • Headache
    • Indigestion
    • Insomnia

    However, with some professional help through therapy sessions, one can get out of this phase.

    What are therapy sessions with a psychiatrist?

    Therapy sessions are like one-on-one conversations with professionals who understand the human mind and behavior. In these sessions, the psychiatrist will ask you to describe what you are feeling and why you are feeling so and analyze the cause of the issue. This will lead to some possible solutions so that you could be free from such anxious behavior. This will happen over time and with patience.

    These sessions could be held as group sessions to make you feel more comfortable and meet other people who experience similar problems. These sessions will lead you out of this phase of your life eventually. The professional psychiatrist you go to will be more than willing to help you at every point on your journey.

    What is a Buddy Circle Community?

    Buddy Circle Community is India’s largest peer support network for mental health, managed by the Heart It Out team. It also provides focused group sessions to address your specific concerns as well. Here you can consult with a professional therapist if you are in need of one. Every Saturday, we organize an online meetup group, where you can join at your convenience and meet and share your experience from the comfort of your home.

    Buddy Circle is a community with the motive to reach out to people and help them out along with many other individuals. Your journey to mental clarity would become much easier when you have the correct guidance and support. This is what our Healthnest community team is here for.

    5 key reasons to join Buddy Circle Community when feeling anxious

    1. Open platform: Our platform is open for all and welcomes everyone who has any concern regarding such issues or who would like to come forward to help others.

    2. Safe and secure: Buddy Circle is a completely safe and secure platform to speak what you are holding in or hesitate to speak up. Here professionals and other members would listen and understand you.

    3. Meet like-minded individuals: We are a community of people who are either facing or have faced similar issues in the past and came out of that phase, and now would like to help others in any way possible.

    4. Regular sessions: Our community organizes online group sessions every Saturday. This will make individuals comfortable. When you meet people, again and again, you can develop a healthy and friendly relationship with them.

    5. Confidentiality: We assure you that anything you share with the community stays inside itself. Your one-on-one session with a professional will be kept completely secure.

    Do not hesitate to ask for help. We are here to help you out. Get in touch with our team and book your Saturday session. Remember, we are stronger together.

    You may also use our app for a more convenient way to reach out to the community and supporters via mobile.

    Buddy circle guide to WFH during COVID-19

    As most of the states in India are not allowing offices to reopen with full capacity, WFH has become the new normal. We are used to the office environment and working with colleagues and following a routine. Suddenly, our whole routine gets messed up, and it is not easy to deal with. Due to which many complain about work pressure, stress, working more than we did when offices were open, etc.

    To deal with this our community has some guideline which could help you to deal with WFH situation –

    • Stick to your previous office schedule that is familiar to your mind. 
    • Do not procrastinate work.
    • A balance between office and family time
    • Stick to work during office hours 
    • Get up and get ready every day, even if you are at home. 
    • Do not work on your bed. Make a separate desk or room if possible for office hours.

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