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How to Automate Monthly Giving for Donations?

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    Automate Monthly Giving for Donations

    Everyone usually receives that one e-mail every day requesting a donation or a charity. Some of these keep piling up in the mail section, till someone decides to go on the guilt trip and sort which one to donate and which one to skip. However, with the help of monthly giving, one can easily automate this process and save a lot of time. There are several causes to which one can donate such as healthcare, education, animal aid, memorials, and medical aid. Several online crowdfunding platforms also offer an opportunity to set up monthly giving and automate the process.

    Given below are some steps with which one can automate their monthly giving.

    Determine the amount to be donated

    Like most people, everyone has a budget, and one can clearly establish the monthly giving prior to avoid any miscalculation at the month’s end.

    Choose the most important cause

    Once the budget for monthly giving is decided, the next step involves choosing or deciding the cause. This topic should be approached subjectively and then objectively. To make it easier, one can write down all the causes for which they are compelled to donate. Second, people can also try and understand what impact will their donation make.

    Be specific

    This is another important step when deciding on monthly giving. One can easily visit sites such as to get a bigger picture of the kind of causes and then later decide on the donation amount.

    Decide the percentage amount from the monthly budget

    This is an important step in monthly giving. For example, if a person decided to spend Rs 5000 in a month on donations, then he/she might want to donate a part of it for medical reasons, or a part of it for funding the education of someone. This way a person can better allocate their amount and prioritize accordingly.

    Identify the organizations to donate to set up recurring donations

    There are many websites that offer donations. One of them is With ketto, one can also get to set up an automated monthly giving. This avoids the hassles to donate every time and saves time as well.


    Lastly, every year-end, one can revisit the plan and make changes to the monthly giving accordingly. For example, if someone’s income increased or their priorities shifted, or there is any other cause, they would like to donate to.

    This may take some time to set up but once done, it will simplify the process.


    Check out to automate monthly giving for donations. It has one of the best fundraising success rates. Supported by more than 50 lakh donors, and a dedicated dashboard, people can easily make donations. It also supports international payments and one can also avail of expert assistance which is available 24*7.

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