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Crowdfunding and Social Empowerment: How to Make Sustained Efforts Towards Social Impact

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    Social Impact Through Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding for social empowerment can have numerous benefits for society. It addresses various social issues and assists donors to reach people in urgent need of financial assistance. A social impact plan is made for dealing with different causes, such as protecting the environment, fundraising for education, personal growth, medical emergencies and more.

    Organizations like Ketto regularly contribute towards social empowerment and bring in significant change. A series of small steps from a large number of individuals can help in accomplishing great things. The same applies to the financial aid received from donors for people in need. Read on to know how to make sustained efforts towards social empowerment.

    How to make sustained efforts towards social impact:

    Here are some ways you can make sustained efforts for the betterment of the society you live in:

    Create community development programs:

    Such programs help communities to reduce poverty as well as drive overall economic growth. People come together to support each other to help them get a better life. These programs should use a participatory approach for improving basic infrastructure and the social upliftment of the community. It can help the less fortunate people earn their livelihoods and express their needs to the authorities.

    For example, a national decentralization program can help in community development. Such programs mobilize citizens to check the performance of health centers, educational institutions, as well as the local government. The program structure should have a two-way channel for receiving support and sharing information and feedback related to the progress in the communities.

    Create opportunities for the needy:

    Opportunities can be created for people living in challenging environments so they can thrive. It involves building houses and communities which are not easily affected by conflicts, natural calamities, and violence.

    Fragile areas should have strict monitoring, and participatory service delivery and specific efforts should be made to reduce the chances of violence. All these steps will protect people and will result in their empowerment.

    Build resilient societies where people can express themselves freely:

    Social sustainability involves resilient societies with freedom to speech. In such a setting, people should feel free to voice their opinions. The government should listen and respond to the issues raised. Such societies help in reducing poverty and support growth in the present as well as in the future.

    Although economic and environmental sustainability plays a major role in this process, social sustainability is most important to tackle poverty and work towards overall growth. This can address the prevalent issues of inequality, discrimination, and illiteracy in the society.

    Make the environmental and social framework a crucial part of social sustainability:

    The environmental and social framework helps in protecting people as well as the environment. It builds capacity for social and environmental management and betterment. This can help make advances in different areas such as public participation, transparency, non-discrimination and accountability.

    Social specialists can be involved to work on projects addressing gender empowerment, improving the labor and working conditions, curbing gender-based violence, helping the disadvantaged section of people and engaging the stakeholders.


    Crowdfunding for social impact in a sustainable manner can bring about significant changes in society. This can happens through small but consistent efforts of each individual.

    Organizations such as Ketto reach out to various brands and celebrities who want to make a social impact. Interesting events are organized to attract more donors for crowdfunding. Donors are kept updated about how their contributions are making differences in the lives of needy people.

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