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Now Donate Faster Through Ketto’s SIP App

    Ketto’s New SIP App

    Ketto is India’s foremost reputable financial support providing platform. It offers the most incredible venue for hosting a campaign, with a nominal service cost of around 5 percent. Campaigners that need assistance in publicizing their fundraiser can find the best metrics on Ketto.

    Using Ketto, it is now easier to avail financial support and safeguard your dear ones. This financial aid is for Indian patients alone, and funds can be raised for various causes: from healthcare assistance to natural calamity aid. Ketto is honest and upfront. There are no concealed charges taken out of the funds received. We ensure that each contribution is delivered safely and on time to the designated recipient. 

    Ketto makes donating simple and secure. There are four ways to pay: 

    • Pay on the website 
    • Transfer money to your Ketto prepaid card. 
    • Use your plastic card as an eWallet. 
    • Pay via the SIP App on 

    SIP, the new web app from Ketto for Social Affect Plan customers, was launched very recently. So, what is the SIP application, and how does it work? 

    Social Impact Plan (SIP) 

    The Ketto SIP app features novel ways to match donation strategies. It has been updated with advanced and adaptable features using the same code base. You can use Ketto to establish your personal digital crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for charity, individual projects, and medical costs. 

    Social Impact Plan

    You can start a monthly donation program with our SIP or Social Affect Plan. Each month, you can transfer the amount to a specific beneficiary to assist one of these campaigns. There is another benefit to this. Your donations will likely be used to fund hospital expenses if you need to be admitted into a hospital within our community in the event of a medical emergency.

    Why Ketto?

    Ketto streamlines the fundraising process and offers benefits for donors and beneficiaries both: 

    • Large pool of donors: As long as we have many hands at work, we will be able to accomplish a great deal more. Over 100,000 lives have been saved as a result of the generosity of many donors, and the number is growing daily.

    • No hidden costs: There’s no confusion. Your group’s funds raised will not be deducted from your account for a hidden fee. Donations are delivered securely and on time to recipients, resulting in effective treatment. A transaction is clear and absorbable for both the donor and the recipient since there is no third party charging a fee.

    • Benefits for donors: The Ketto Mutual Aids program (with Money Back Guarantee) offers you another advantage. If you are admitted to one of the hospitals in Ketto’s network due to a medical emergency, the money you contributed to this program can be used to cover your medical expenses.

    • Support kids in need: As part of Ketto’s monthly campaigns, Ketto transfers funds to a hospital associated with one of its campaigns to provide relief to those in need. Just by donating Rs. 100, you can play an important role in saving someone’s life. Consider helping kids who need medical care because you will contribute to the unfolding of humanity and smiles.

    Many campaigns are created each day because of a desperate need for funding.

    What guarantees does Ketto have?

    Ketto is dedicated to sponsoring only reliable and certified programs. Once their account is activated, NGOs/charity associates must undergo a testing phase that confirms the legitimacy and legality of the documents provided. It is a sign of approval that affirms the credibility and reliability of initiatives in the marketplace. 

    When you donate to a fundraising campaign, you will be notified through email, text message, or WhatsApp. You may also contact the campaigner directly via their Kickstarter page. Every month, our platform helps hundreds of fundraisers get organized. Our first aim is to keep our platform and all of its users safe and secure at all times. To prevent fraud and ensure that all medical fundraisers follow user policy, Ketto places them in the ‘Pre-Approval’ stage from the start.

    The campaigner only has limited access to the product’s features and other crowdfunding incentives at this time. Any medical fundraising registered via the service is verified by Ketto. Ketto verifies fundraising efforts and only allows the campaigner to take funds after the process is complete. A professional and knowledgeable compliance staff conducts thorough checks, including the following:

    • Cross-checking the campaigner’s medical records: When fraudulent, phony, invalid, or forged papers are supplied, the team collaborates with the campaigner to ensure that only current and legitimate documents are presented.

    • Secure withdrawals: Ketto starts the withdrawal procedure by transferring money to the patient’s hospital account through electronic transfer. The monies are transferred straight to the patient’s history if the campaigner is unable to submit hospital records. In this case, the verification step includes an accurate address, bank, and pan-KYC check.

    • Fool-proof compliance checks: To keep payment errors to a minimum, Ketto employs a three-layer payment compliance check. The campaigner is only entitled to seek a refund of the monies received when these checks have been completed.

    Medical finance & payment plan

    Medical funding is simplistic, quick, and concern-free. You may borrow money to support the costs of severe entire health complications, cosmetic surgeries, medical interventions, and dental therapies not encased by your healthcare coverage.

    You may relax knowing that the whole of your medical expenses will be paid when you choose to fundraise with us, and the strain of healthcare financing will be lifted from your hands. You won’t have to think about low mortgage rates, terrible credit, suited to your circumstances when you use crowdsourcing.

    The payment plans in ketto are discussed below:

    1. Premium: 

    The ketto success fee will be around 5%. This is meant for NGOs and persons.


    ● Multiple fundraisers

    ● Social media outreach

    ● Content curation

    ● Campaign manager

    ● Matching contributions

    ● Auto issue 80G for NGOs

    1. Plus & Amplify: 

    In this payment plan, one can avail of the premium features and best assistance.


    ● Content making

    ● Promotions and advertising

    ● White-labeled microsite

    ● Crowdfunding coach

    Now Donate Faster Through Ketto’s New SIP App

    There are several new features in the new Ketto SIP app that will make donating and receiving donations even easier. In addition to a new, faster, user-friendly interface, many features have been upgraded. You can now pledge any amount to your favorite SIP without having to renew it each month, with a new feature called donations on the go. The donation amount is simply authorized through the use of a debit or credit card.

    Subscribing to SIP Month-to-Month Donations

    Become a member of a SIP and get both financial and ethical rewards. Throughout the month, Ketto for Medical Aid to Children’s SIP Social Affect Plan for Medical Aid to Children gathers donations for newborns who need combined care. You may improve someone’s life expectancy by donating as little as Rs 100. You’ll join a group of people who are motivated to help others in any way they can by donating to this cause.

    How is Ketto’s Social Impact Plan?

    You can automate your monthly donations. A patient in immediate need of a life-saving treatment will be matched with your monthly donation.

    You have the following options when it comes to monthly donations on Ketto SIP:

    • The starting plan is INR 200/ month 
    • You also have the option to donate INR 300/month
    • You can even donate INR 500/month.
    • Finally, the amount of your donation can be customized. There is a blank space where you can enter your choice of amount, but it should exceed INR 100.

    Your donations are completely transparent. Donate every month, knowing that every penny will reach the patient

    You will receive updates every month. Upon learning what a difference your donation made and how you saved a life, you will be grateful


    Ketto SIP is the new donation app that comes with a multitude of new features that make donating and receiving donations easier. In the updated, faster app, lots of features have been updated. Donations on the go, a new feature of the app, allows you to contribute any amount immediately to your preferred SIP without having to go through the procedure each month. It’s as easy as authorizing a debit or bank card to make a gift.

    Now you can donate faster with the SIP App. Make your month-long donation in just one-day. Ketto would like to encourage everyone to give back to those who have less by donating small amounts often and making the world a better place! You can also create your own fundraiser and choose the level you want to donate to every month! After you’ve created your fundraiser, ask your friends and family to contribute to celebrating Ketto’s SIP App. An online donation is a click away, and you can do it every day without the burden of additional costs.

    Sushant Peshkar
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