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Remembering Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar on his Birthday

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    Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti

    There is no need to introduce Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar as he is one of the greatest personalities of our country. Popularly known as Babasaheb Ambedkar, he is the architect of the Indian constitution. Also, he is one of the driving forces behind government initiatives designed to eradicate religious differences and social inequality even today. Under his recommendation, the Indian government started giving reservations to the socially backward castes and subcategories. It would not be an overstatement if India became a true democracy only due to his vision.

    Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar was a lawyer, social worker, statesman, philosopher, thinker, and much more. Due to his love for books and sheer determination, he acquired many degrees and won several accolades during his lifetime. Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated on 14th April to remember this great maestro on his birthday. It is a public holiday in most Indian states and is celebrated with much joy in most parts of the country even today.

    Born in a family that belonged to one of the low-caste Hindu groups according to the Hindu caste system, Babasaheb saw the influence of casteism on his people. In those days, kids from low-caste groups were not allowed to use the water vessel in the school. They had to carry a sack to their school every day to sit on it. Pained by seeing this social discrimination, Babasaheb decided to end such social evils and malpractices at a very early age of his childhood.

    Sadly, even today, such evil practices are being followed in many parts of our country. Even the educated masses consider people of low-caste groups as Dalits or untouchables. People from such families have to carry a social stigma during their lifetime. We can eliminate such practices only by making people aware of how unjust and crippling it can be for these people. Babasaheb has taught us to treat every human being equally. It is not the caste that divides us but the mindset that has been deep-rooted in our society. Every Indian has the right to education and practices their religion. Similarly, everyone has the right to express and access public facilities and areas.

    Most people are now coming out from their orthodox mindset. However, many are still not fully educated about the social differences that thrive in our society. While educating them is a duty of every well-informed citizen, it is not always possible to reach out to someone who lives far away or is not physically accessible. Thankfully, we have social media and online platforms open for everyone. Ketto is one such platform that strives to help poor and needy people. Here, members attempt to help each other by raising funds. Also, some groups and communities discuss social stigmas and differences without any bias. So, become a member today and join a movement to eradicate social injustice!

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