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  1. A brave paraplegic keeping dreams of income alive


    Rs. 68,651
  2. Kavadsa- Foray Into the World of Art Photography


    Rs. 3,27,146
  3. Urur Olcott Vizha-Celebrating oneness through art


    Rs. 2,47,445


  • Now that fundraising has an online avatar, supporting a social cause has become easier. It was a rewarding experience to have people come together to support my campaign on Ketto.

    Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan feels crowdfunding on Ketto is a rewarding experience

    Hrithik Roshan


  • Ketto has made it easy to increase our donor base by providing the right tools to allow our supporters to start effective fundraising pages and raise funds for OGQ.

    Viren Rasquinha says Ketto is an effective fundraising platform

    Viren Rasquinha

    CEO, Olympic Gold Quest

  • DCB Bank used Ketto's creative crowdfunding solution for the first time for The Top Recruit programme - a unique initiative to judge MBA students. The crowdfunding solution helped create a distinct programme. The opportunity to involve enthusiastic MBAs at the grass roots for CSR was appreciated as well.

    Ashu Sawhney feels Ketto has given DCB Bank a creative crowdfunding solution

    Ashu Sawhney

    Head, Recruitment DCB Bank

  • It is empowering to know my contribution has made a real difference to a cause. With Ketto, giving has become a hassle-free, rewarding experience.

    Anand Mavani feels donating is a rewarding experience with Ketto

    Anand Mavani

    Financial Manager

Raise Money the Modern Way with Crowdfunding on Ketto

Do you need money for a new business venture? Need funds for a medical emergency? While there is always the option to ask friends and family and rely on the goodness of their hearts, there is a different – and better – option: crowdfunding.

Why Choose Ketto?

There is no question that you have an array of options when it comes to online fundraising websites in India. However, there are a few specific reasons to choose Ketto:

  • Ketto is Asia's most-visited crowdfunding platform with the largest funding community
  • Starting a campaign on Ketto is FREE
  • There is no penalty if you don't raise the total amount. Whatever funds you raise will still get disbursed
  • You can create and personalize your campaign page in minutes
  • You can bedazzle your campaign story with several images, videos and even list rewards that you can give your backers
  • Ketto's experienced content and design team will help curate your page so it looks top-notch
  • You get tried and tested, result-oriented marketing tips and ideas to make your campaign a success
  • You get instant updates on your campaign's progress via email and SMS
  • You get any queries answered in seconds via our 24/7/365 Instant Chatting interface
  • You can offer your supporters several modes to make contributions on Ketto - cash, cheque and online transactions

Getting the funds you need is much easier than you may have ever imagined. Contact us today for further information.

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