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Healthnest – Elevate Well-being and Soundness in Your Life

    Healthnest Services

    Healthcare apps have become an unavoidable part of our phones. With approximately half the world’s population actively using smartphones, the market for health apps has grown tremendously through the years.

    These apps can be used to access health-related information immediately, but it also helps boost positive changes in people and enhance their well-being. The apps can spread awareness, calm the mind, and track and record information to better understand the users and provide them with accurate services.

    Among the millions of health apps found on the Play Store, Healthnest brings about services that cannot be categorized in the narrow niche of nutrition or fitness. Instead, it is an expansive service provider that offers services that are hard to find anywhere else.

    What is Healthnest?

    Healthnest is a community app. It brings together the people who share each other’s concerns and needs regarding their health. The app lets the users connect with other patients, medical experts, and caregivers from around the globe.

    The users can share their experiences of going through an illness, health concern, or recovery period. The app also provides a healthy and motivating space where the users can gain guidance from health experts and other people who have had the same journey.

    The app was created to provide a community that can help users get support while traversing the path towards mental and physical wellness. The insights that can be found within the community can motivate the users to challenge themselves while indulging themselves in a family-like environment.

    Services offered by Healthnest

    Healthnest provides a comprehensive and inclusive space where you can:

    Impart knowledge you gained through your experience

    You can share your ideas, experiences, and anecdotes about your life and journey and gain insights from other people’s experiences in the community. The experiences help connect people on a personal and deeper level.

    Form a deep connection

    Find people that share your views, opinions, and past encounters. With such a welcoming community, you will never feel alone. The connection that you develop through sharing and concern can help the users grow into better human beings.

    Organize events

    Events can provide the users better opportunities to talk and meet people that the users might not have a chance to interact with before. The events and meetups organized through the platform of the Healthnest can convert your connections into a family that is always present to help you through your journey.

    If you find yourself stumped at a point in your journey, you can raise questions in the community. The health experts, caregivers, and other such educated and experienced people can help you clarify your doubts and solve your queries.

    Additional services available at Healthnest

    Find blood donor

    The expansive community can help you locate and find a blood donor required in case of emergency. As per the user’s location, blood group requirement, and quantity required, the users can find the users of the donor on the app.

    Connect with services provided by Ketto

    The users can avail the services of Ketto through the Whatsapp chat link provided on the Healthnest app. Users who need urgent funds to maintain the cash flow in their business or have someone in contact searching for a way to acquire assured funds can take advantage of these services.

    Begin a fundraiser

    Fundraisers can be a great way to procure funds for momentary emergency needs such as medical emergencies, non-government organizations, non-profit organizations, etc. The funds acquired can also help the users facilitate the required needs for a social cause.

    The users can reach out to the services of Ketto to create a fundraiser that can be availed at 0% platform fees, thereby ensuring that the users get the maximum funds possible. The Healthnest community proves to be immensely supportive and helpful throughout the tenure of the fundraiser.

    Get vaccinated

    The app has also added the feature of finding and booking an appointment for vaccinations. The users can register for the vaccination through the Healthnest app and find the nearest vaccination centers available.

    The initiative was to support the outreach of the COVID-19 vaccine and ensure that each citizen has access to the vaccine doses.

    Acquire Mental Health Support

    At Healthnest, the users can get professional mental health support round the clock. Using the free chat session option, the users will get connected to a trained responder that can guide and help them until they feel calm and in control.

    Get the free Healthnest app now to explore the world of enriched living and wellness. Join Ketto’s mission to create a better world.

    Sushant Peshkar
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