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What is Leukemia Cancer?

Leukemia is a very common form of cancer and ranks 10th among the most common types of cancers around the globe. Children below 15 years of age and adults above 55 years of age are at a greater risk of falling prey to this deadly form of cancer.

Prior knowledge of its causes, risk factors, and symptoms can save many lives. Therefore, in this detailed article by Ketto, you will find answers to every question or doubt you have in mind about Leukemia.

What is Leukemia?

leukemia blood cancer

Leukemia is a type of cancer that occurs in your blood and blood making tissues or lymphatic system. Most of the time, Leukemia results in a rapid proliferation of white blood cells. The excess production of WBCs crowd your blood and leaves less than enough space for other important elements like red blood cells and platelets.

Also, the WBCs formed as a result of leukemia do not function normally.

What Causes Leukemia?

Your body majorly produces three different types of blood cells namely:

  • Red blood cells
  • White blood cells
  • Platelets

The red blood cells take the largest share in the production process. Leukemia occurs when the blood cells producing organs of your body start malfunctioning. As a result, they start producing more white blood cells than are required.

The function of WBCs is to fight infection and diseases, but the excess number of WBCs formed as a result of cancer do not function properly. Over a period of time, they start crowding the space in blood. This reduces the number of RBCs (essential for supplying oxygen from lungs to different parts of the body) and platelets (essential for clotting blood) in the body.

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