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Apollo Hospital Chennai: Setting the Standard for Healthcare

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    Apollo Hospital Chennai

    Located in the heart of Chennai on Greams Road, Apollo Hospital has stood as a beacon of exceptional healthcare and medical innovation for the past three decades. Renowned for its world-class facilities, distinguished medical professionals, and a legacy of unwavering patient-centric care, Apollo Hospital, Chennai has emerged as a cornerstone of medical excellence. Having pioneered some advanced treatments and techniques in cardiology and oncology in the past, the hospital continues its commitment to improving the well-being of patients from around the globe.

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    History of Apollo Hospital Chennai

    • Apollo Hospital, Chennai is located on Greams Road and was established in 1983.
    • It is the first hospital to introduce various techniques in coronary angioplasty, stereotactic radiotherapy, and radiosurgery.
    • It is the first Indian hospital to be awarded the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.
    • Apollo Hospital, Chennai is the first hospital in South India to be accredited by JCI and accredited 4 times subsequently.
    • This hospital has been declared the ‘Centre of Excellence’ by the GOI.
    • Apollo Hospital, Chennai is also NABH accredited and has been one of the best hospitals for cardiac care in the country.

    Apollo Hospital, Chennai: An Overview

    Apollo Hospital, Chennai is one of India’s leading healthcare facilities renowned for its cardiac and oncology treatments. The hospital boasts a robust infrastructure, experienced doctors and modern technology to offer unparalleled medical treatments.

    Here are some mention-worthy features of this healthcare facility:

    • The medical facility encompasses 60 divisions led by internationally trained and proficient medical specialists.
    • Called a significant milestone in Indian medical history, Apollo Hospital, Chennai has accomplished the first-ever ‘Sole Pancreas’ transplant.
    • Noteworthy in the global healthcare sector, the hospital achieved a significant feat by successfully conducting Asia’s inaugural en-bloc combined heart and liver transplant.
    • The hospital handles over 10,000 pharmacy visitors, admits around 2,200 patients, and handles over 3,000 emergency cases every day.
    • The medical team undertakes a multitude of tasks, including performing 800 CT scans, 400 MRIs, 40 cardiac surgeries, 700 dialysis procedures, and 3-4 organ transplants every day.

    Apollo Hospital, Chennai: Infrastructure

    Apollo Hospital, Chennai is one of the oldest and most pioneering healthcare facilities that has been attracting patients all across India and Asia. Some infrastructural highlights of this hospital include:

    • 550 beds, 15 operating rooms, and 46 ICU beds
    • Some of the best surgeons operate in advanced and well-equipped operating suites available with hi-tech tools, medical gadgets, and surgical equipment.
    • Has superior diagnostic facilities and suites for patients and their families
    • The building has a postal facility at the dispatch section on the ground floor.
    • Features a temple of Goddess Krishnamariamman, a Namaz room, and a prayer room.
    • Safe deposit lockers are available at the security office. In case of theft or loss, patients can notify security immediately.
    • One of the few hospitals in the country that performs computer-assisted total knee replacement
    • Houses sophisticated and state-of-the-art technologies like Robotics and CyberKnife treatments

    The constantly upgrading and futuristic infrastructure of Apollo Hospital, Chennai is proof of the hospital and team’s commitment to providing a reliable, safe, and comfortable environment for patients.

    Major Specialties at Apollo Hospital, Chennai

    Apollo Hospital, Chennai is preferred by scores of patients due to the wide range of expertise of doctors and the specialities offered at the hospital. Here are some major specialities at this hospital:


    The Apollo Heart Institute is India’s foremost and most innovative cardiovascular institution. With over three decades of history, doctors at this centre have conducted numerous cardiac surgeries, benefiting patients using cutting-edge technologies and advanced treatments. Backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure, including modern Cath Labs, Cardiac Critical Care Units, and Intensive Care Units, the Apollo Heart Institute pioneers cardiac healthcare.


    Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital emerges as an exclusive institution dedicated to combatting cancer relentlessly. The oncology team, composed of esteemed specialists, collaborates with well-trained medical and paramedical professionals. The hospital has a Tumour Board, a collaboration of medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists who work together with the patient at the core. In the domain of bone marrow transplants, Apollo Hospital, Chennai stands out, conducting both routine transplants with outstanding outcomes and comprehensive searches for potential unrelated donors.


    Apollo’s institutes lead in cutting-edge orthopaedic treatments and surgical advancements, equalling the world’s finest centres. The globally-trained orthopaedics bring the latest techniques to the facilities with advanced technology, offering dedicated surgery complexes and top-notch equipment for optimal care. From modern sports medicine to orthopaedic oncology, Apollo Hospital offers several advanced treatments.

    Vascular surgery

    Vascular disease is a condition in which the health of the blood vessels is compromised, potentially causing disability or fatality. These issues extend beyond the heart. Apollo Hospital has skilled vascular surgeons adept at treating diverse vascular disorders. Our experts deliver top-tier clinical care for various conditions, including aortic aneurysm, aortic dissection, deep vein thrombosis, Raynaud’s Syndrome, and others.

    Diseases Treated at Apollo Hospital, Chennai

    Apollo Hospital, Chennai offers a wide range of treatments for various conditions. Here are some commonly treated conditions at this healthcare facility:

    • Cardiac ailments
    • Bone-related conditions like arthritis
    • Stroke
    • Neurological conditions like epilepsy
    • Kidney conditions
    • Gastrointestinal diseases
    • Diabetes
    • Infectious diseases
    • Emergency conditions
    • Spine conditions

    This hospital is adept at handling several hundred cases every day with its expert team of doctors, support staff, and advanced technology to deliver successful patient treatments.

    Top-Notch Patient Care Facilities Available at Apollo Hospital Chennai

    At Apollo Hospital, Chennai, the utmost priority is the ease and welfare of patients. This healthcare facility extends an array of top-tier amenities and features, ensuring a smooth and pleasant journey for both patients and their families. A few noteworthy features and patient-centric services at Apollo Hospital are:

    • Comfortable Stay

    Apollo Hospital places paramount importance on patient comfort and well-being of patients and their loved ones who accompany them, offering a wide range of exceptional facilities. Private rooms equipped with amenities such as a TV, free WiFi, and a phone are designed to cater to patient needs. Accessibility is prioritised with mobility-friendly rooms, and additional family accommodation is available for those accompanying patients.

    • Convenience

    Convenient services like laundry, a welcome package, and in-room safes are provided. Nursery and nanny services support families with young children. Dry cleaning, personal assistance, and concierge services are available. The hospital also acknowledges diverse needs with religious facilities, fitness centres, spa services, and a beauty salon. Culinary needs are met with a café, while business services are offered at the business centre. A shop is available for essentials, and designated smoking areas are provided.

    • Food and Nutrition

    Apollo Hospital, Chennai places a strong emphasis on providing tailored dietary support to patients, accommodating specific dietary requests and extending access to a restaurant that caters not only to patients but also to their family members. The restaurant offers a diverse range of international culinary options.

    • On-site Financial Services

    The hospital offers a comprehensive range of financial services to assist patients and their families, including health insurance coordination to streamline insurance claims, as well as medical travel insurance for added coverage.

    For international patients, foreign currency exchange services and on-site ATMs are available. Payment options are flexible, with the acceptance of major credit cards, debit cards, and net banking facilities.

    • Transportation and Travel

    The hospital extends a range of convenient services, including airport pickup for a seamless transition to the medical facility. For those seeking to explore the local area, the hospital offers guidance on various tourism options.

    For international patients, there’s a dedicated Visa/Travel office to assist with travel arrangements. Car hire and private driver/limousine services are available for personalised transportation. Additionally, the hospital caters to shopping interests by organising shopping trips.

    • Treatment-related Support

    The hospital provides a range of smooth and integrated services, including the transfer of medical records, virtual doctor consultations, access to rehabilitation facilities, an on-site pharmacy, and aid in document authentication. Moreover, the hospital ensures continued care after surgeries by offering post-operative follow-up, thereby closely tracking patients’ recovery journeys.

    • Language assistance

    To eliminate barriers of language, Apollo Hospital offers interpreter and translation assistance. This helps enhance communication between patients and healthcare providers.

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    How to Start a Campaign on Ketto?

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    Wrapping Up

    For those in search of exceptional medical care and advanced treatments, Apollo Hospital, Chennai is one of the best healthcare facilities in the country today. With its illustrious past, cutting-edge facilities, and specialised medical offerings, it establishes fresh standards in patient welfare. The collaboration between Ketto’s endeavour to extend financial aid via crowdfunding and the reputable stature of Apollo Hospital, Chennai has the potential to foster successful fundraising campaigns. This, in turn, could significantly enhance the well-being of both patients and their loved ones.

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