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This Christmas, be someone’s Secret Santa Claus.

    Ketto Christmas and New Year 2023

    This Xmas, “Santa sacks of Happiness and Bliss” to all Children

    For many children and families in India today, life is a severe struggle. We live in a land where there is enough of water and food. Nonetheless, thousands of people are still thirsty and hungry! Innocent children are sometimes placed in conditions such as disease, poverty, illiteracy, inadequate hygiene, or death in the family, among other things. At Ketto, we’ve witnessed firsthand how unexpected circumstances can turn a family’s life upside down. We know of families that are unable to see a doctor to get treated for ailments owing to financial constraints. But we’ve also seen the life-changing impact that you, as contributors, can have by donating cash to assist such folks. We are not here to be recognised or to be grateful by contributing, but rather to give as little as possible for the poor and underprivileged children by providing hot meals, gifts, and a secure place to stay.

    The situation has changed today! Families are becoming increasingly stressed. Parents who have never required assistance before are now concerned. Many families are forced to choose between paying their bills and feeding their children. And, with Christmas fast approaching, they’re worried about how they’ll get by.

    Ketto SIP Social Impact Plan!

    JOIN SIP to donate and join the ranks of outstanding supporters in making a life-changing difference in a variety of ways. This Christmas, gather funds at Ketto to assist struggling families in paying for necessities such as food, warm clothing, education, and a secure place to sleep/stay.

    We work with our supporters to safeguard children living in the shadow of domestic violence and to assist those with care duties. In addition, we assist young children with their mental health and give brief getaways for challenged youngsters.

    Do you want to remain anonymous when you donate? Want to make a difference in the lives of children this Christmas? Prepare to share your happiness by raising donations for children in India. How? Simply by becoming their Secret Santa!

    This Christmas season, let’s play Secret Santa! Make it particularly unique and unforgettable for the less fortunate and those in need!

    Merry Christmas From the Team At Ketto To You and Your Family!

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