Be Someone’s Secret Santa Claus this Christmas

Ketto Christmas and new year 2022

This Xmas, “Santa sacks of Happiness and Bliss” to all Children

Today, Life is a desperate struggle for countless children and families in India. We live in a country where we have ample water and food sources. Nevertheless, there are thousands of people who remain thirsty and hungry! Sometimes, innocent children are put in situations like sickness, poverty, illiteracy, poor hygiene, or death in the family, etc. At Ketto we have experienced first hand how families of many have turned upside down due to unforeseen situations. We know families who can’t see a doctor to get treated for diseases due to financial crises. But we’ve also witnessed the life-changing difference you as donors can make by raising funds to help such people. We are not here for recognition or to be thankful by donating, but we are here to contribute as little as possible for the needy and unprivileged children by offering hot meals, presents, and a safe place to stay. 

The situation today has changed! Families are growing ever more frantic. Parents who’ve never needed support are now stressed. Many families are having to decide between paying their bills or feeding their kids. And with Christmas just around the corner, they’re horrified about how they’re going to survive.

Use SIP this Christmas

JOIN SIP to contribute, and be like magnificent supporters to make a life-changing difference in so many ways. Fundraise at Ketto this Christmas to help struggling families to pay for the essentials, like food, warm clothes, education, and a safe place to sleep/stay.

Through our supporters, we strive to protect children living in the shadow of household abuse and support those with caring responsibilities. Besides, we are helping young kids with their mental health and provided short breaks for disabled children.

Want to be anonymous when you donate? Want to light up the lives of innocent children this Xmas? Get ready to share your joy by raising funds for the children in India. How? Just by being a Secret Santa to them! 

Let’s be the Secret Santa this holiday season! Make it extra special and memorable for the ones in need and the underprivileged!

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