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Hair Donation for Cancer Patients: Give Hope with Your Locks

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    Donate Hair for Cancer Patients

    Cancer, a word that carries a heavy burden, brings with it physical and emotional challenges and often the visible loss of one’s hair due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments. This can be a profoundly distressing experience for cancer patients, impacting their self-esteem and sense of identity. In the face of this adversity, hair donation for cancer patients has emerged as a powerful gesture of hope and compassion, offering a tangible way to provide support and solace to those undergoing cancer treatment.  

    Chemotherapy, a powerful treatment designed to target and destroy rapidly multiplying cancer cells within the body, inadvertently affects healthy cells, including hair follicles. Usually, the hair follicles responsible for promoting hair growth become weak due to the effects of chemotherapy medication. As a result, many cancer patients witness a distressing phenomenon, gradual or often complete hair loss. This loss of hair underscores the importance of considering ways to donate your hair for cancer patients as a meaningful gesture of support and solidarity during their challenging journey.

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    Hair loss can be emotionally and psychologically distressing, as one’s physical appearance plays a substantial role in self-esteem and overall sense of identity. The hair symbolises beauty and vitality and holds profound significance for many individuals. Its sudden absence can be deeply challenging for cancer patients, adding to the complex and multifaceted experience of battling this formidable disease.

    Hair Donation In India

    In India, a nation celebrated for its time-honoured traditions of generosity and extending a helping hand to those in need, the concept of donating hair to cancer patients has found a warm embrace. With hearts wide open and scissors at the ready, people from all corners of the country have wholeheartedly acknowledged the significance of contributing to this noble cause. This collective act of kindness highlights the transformative power of a seemingly simple gesture – donating hair, which can profoundly impact the life of someone who is braving cancer.

    India boasts a network of several organisations and initiatives dedicated to facilitating the hair donation process, making it accessible and profoundly meaningful for individuals eager to partake. The choice to donate hair for cancer patients in India aligns perfectly with the country’s ethos of altruism and compassion. These organisations have streamlined the hair donation process, allowing donors to offer their hair with ease and grace, knowing that their generosity will help those battling cancer.

    How To Donate Hair To Cancer Patients

    If you find yourself inspired and thinking, “How do I donate hair to cancer patients?” here’s how you can get started:

    1. Find a Reputable Organisation: Look for well-established organisations that accept hair donations for cancer patients. These organisations often have guidelines and specifications for hair donations.
    2. Hair Length and Condition: Ensure that your hair meets the required length and is in good condition. Typically, hair should be 12 inches long to make a substantial donation.
    3. Hair Preparation: Wash and condition your hair before the donation. Most organisations prefer clean, dry hair that is free from hair products.
    4. Haircut: Visit a salon or a hair donation drive organised by an affiliated organisation. Communicate your intent to donate your hair for cancer patients to the stylist, and they will guide you through the process.
    5. Pack and Send: After the haircut, carefully tie your hair with a band at the top and place it in a plastic bag. Follow the specific instructions provided by the organisation regarding packaging and sending.
    6. Spread the Word: Inspire others on how they, too, can make a difference in the lives of cancer patients by sharing your story and the uplifting impact of donating your hair. Show them how to donate hair for cancer patients and be a source of encouragement. Your experience can be a powerful catalyst for positive change.

    Information to Consider When Understanding How To Donate Hair To Cancer Patients

    Cancer is a formidable battle, and its journey can be incredibly challenging. For those undergoing treatment, hair loss can be a profoundly emotional and visible aspect of their struggle. But here’s the thing: donating your hair to cancer patients can make a profound difference. Even one person’s contribution can have a tremendous impact, especially for those in the later stages of the disease. So, if you’re wondering, “How do I donate hair for cancer patients?” this guide will walk you through the process and provide valuable insights on making your contribution count.

    • To get started, you’ll need to find a hair donation organisation that aligns with your goals. There are several organisations with guidelines, so choosing one that resonates with you is crucial.
    • To ensure your donation can be used, your hair should be clean, dry, trimmed, and healthy. Each organisation has specific length requirements, typically between 8-12 inches. Be sure your hair meets these criteria.
    • Your chosen organisation will provide detailed instructions on donating your hair. They’ll also specify where to send your hair. Following these guidelines is essential to ensure your contribution is used effectively.
    • If you need more clarity about meeting the organisation’s requirements, consider visiting a hair donation salon. They are experienced in cutting and preparing hair for donation, ensuring it meets the organisation’s criteria.
    • To find a hair donation salon near you, search “hair donation salon near me” online. This will help you locate a convenient location to donate your hair.
    • If you have a specific recipient in mind, note that the process may differ from donating to an organisation. Contact the intended recipient or their medical facility for guidance in such cases.

    List of Organisations Where You Can Donate Hair for Cancer Patients:

    If you’re wondering how to donate your hair to support cancer patients in India, it’s easier than you might think. Donating hair is a heartfelt way to make a difference in the lives of those going through challenging cancer treatments. To donate your hair to cancer patients in India, you can contact organisations and authorities specialising in hair donation.

    We have listed some of the most well-known hair donation organisations here:

    1. Hair Crown

    Address:  Shri Renuga Vidhyashram, Theni Main Rd, Lakshmipuram, Tamil Nadu 625605.

    Established in 2012 by Mr. Ram Arshith, Hair Crown is a prominent hair donation organisation in India dedicated to uplifting the spirits of cancer patients facing hair loss. Their mission is simple yet powerful: to provide high-quality hair wigs to cancer patients free of charge.

    Hair Crown goes beyond hair donations; they also conduct inspirational campaigns and presentations for individuals grappling with life-threatening medical conditions. It’s all about bolstering self-confidence and hope.

    When it comes to hair donation, Hair Crown has an inclusive policy. They accept all types of hair, whether treated or coloured. The only requirement is that the hair should measure between 12 to 15 inches. Before donating, shampoo and condition your hair, and avoid using any hair products or hairspray. Hair Crown’s work is a beacon of light, demonstrating the beauty of kindness and compassion.

    For those seeking to make a hair donation for cancer patients in Chennai, Hair Crown is a commendable organisation that not only welcomes your contribution but also ensures that it reaches those who need it most, offering a boost of confidence and comfort during a challenging time.

    2. Cope with Cancer

    Address: Mangal Anand Hospital, 2’nd Floor, 48, Swastik Park, Sion-Trombay Road, Chembur, Mumbai, 400071. India

    Cope With Cancer is on a mission to inspire, motivate, and raise awareness about the significance of donating healthy hair to cancer patients. Their motto is simple but powerful: if we can cut our hair for styling or religious purposes, why not do it for a noble cause like hair donation?

    To contribute your hair to Cope With Cancer and support cancer patients in Mumbai, your hair should meet these criteria:

    Hair Length: Your hair should be a minimum of 12 inches in length to be eligible for donation.

    Contact Information: To receive confirmation that your hair donation has reached the organisation, please provide your name, mobile number, and email address during the donation process.

    By participating in hair donation for cancer patients in Mumbai to bring hope and comfort to those in the city battling cancer. Your simple generosity can make a world of difference in their lives.

    3. Aarogya Seva

    Address: Seva House, Siddapura Main Road, Opposite Lalbagh Siddapura Gate, Jayanagar 1st Block, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560011

    Aarogya Seva, a nonprofit organisation based in Bengaluru, runs the ‘Share Cut’ initiative with a noble mission: crafting natural wigs for chemotherapy patients facing hair loss. Their goal is to offer these wigs free of charge, specifically targeting low-income communities, particularly women and children who cannot afford wigs priced above 5000 INR.

    You must register online to contribute your hair to Aarogya Seva’s cause. Your hair should be a minimum of 6 inches in length, measured from tip to tip. The measurement for curly hair is taken after straightening it, ensuring it meets the 6-inch requirement.

    If you’re considering hair donation for cancer patients in Bangalore, Aarogya Seva is an organisation that is making a huge difference in the lives of those battling this disease.

    4. For You Trust

    Address: Chiara Luce Badano Centre, For You-Charitable Trust, Thavakkal Complex, Iritty 670703, Kannur, Kerala

    For You, Trust is a dedicated hair donation organisation located in Kannur, Kerala, India. They have specific criteria when considering how to donate hair for cancer patients in Kerala.

    •  Your hair should measure 10 to 15 inches long to make a meaningful contribution.
    •  Additionally, it’s crucial not to send hair that has been picked up from the ground. 

    These guidelines ensure that the donated hair meets the quality standards required to create wigs for cancer patients, offering them comfort and confidence during their journey. If you are wondering how to donate hair for cancer patients in Kerala, you can definitely reach out to them. By donating your hair, you not only give a piece of yourself to someone in need but also make a difference in their lives when they’re going through a difficult time.

    5. Sargakshetra Cultural Centre

    Address: Kurishinmoodu, Chethipuzha Kadavu, Changanassery, Kerala 686104

    Located in Kottayam, Kerala, Fr. Praikalam says they have been making wigs from donated hair for the last six years, and since then, they have made over 1,000. “We do this without any monetary exchange of any kind. We’ve received donations from around the world,” he says. He says that it takes three to four women to donate hair to make a wig, and the length of the donated hair must be a minimum of 38 cm (14 inches).

    A fascinating point Fr. Praikalam makes is that men can also donate. They have received donations from over 4,000 people so far.

    Please feel free to contact this organisation via their website or by emailing them at

    6. Women Doctors Wing, Indian Medical Association (IMA)

    Address: No 92, IMA Campus, Syrian Church Road, Coimbatore 641001

    • You can approach this organisation if you’re considering hair donation for cancer patients in Coimbatore.  You can cut your hair at home or visit Glenys Skin & Hair Care Clinic in Tatabad, Sivananda Colony.
    •  The minimum hair length required for donation is 300 cm. 
    • Your donated hair will be sent by IMA to the Cherian Foundation in Chennai, which creates wigs for needy cancer patients. 

    These wigs are then donated to the Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai and the Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation in Bengaluru.

    7. Ladies Circle India

    Address: Bob Chandran Centre, Round Table House, 2nd Floor, No.80 (Old No.69), N.H. Road, Chennai 600034.

    Ladies Circle India is an organisation with a heartfelt mission. With units spanning across major cities in India, they play a pivotal role in supporting cancer patients, particularly in Delhi. This compassionate group collects hair donations from individuals and transforms them into wigs, a precious gift for women facing the dual challenges of cancer and economic hardship.

    Crafted with care, the wigs are donated to the Cancer Institute in Chennai, providing them to women from disadvantaged backgrounds. This initiative offers these women a beautiful mane, a boost in confidence, and a ray of hope as they navigate their cancer journeys. It’s a testament to the power of community and kindness; making hair donation for cancer patients in Delhi more than just a phrase; it symbolises compassion and support.

    8. The Cherian Foundation

    Address: Raj Hair International Pvt Ltd, 38, Melony Rd, Parthasarathi Puram, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

    For economically disadvantaged women and children suffering from hair loss caused by cancer or alopecia, The Cherian Foundation provides wigs free of charge. Over the years, they have partnered with established salons such as Green Trends, Naturals, Ebony, and others to donate 703 wigs to underprivileged women in need. 

    This partnership has allowed The Cherian Foundation to reach more women in need, as salons have provided their resources and expertise to ensure each wig is tailored to the individual’s needs. Additionally, the partnership has enabled The Cherian Foundation to provide wigs promptly, as the salons have access to the necessary materials and expertise.

    How Ketto Is Helping Cancer Patients

    Hair donation for cancer patients is a beautiful way to offer emotional support during a challenging journey. For many cancer patients, hair loss is a profoundly emotional experience. It can affect self-esteem and create feelings of vulnerability. 

    On Ketto, you’ll find fundraisers initiated by individuals and organisations dedicated to providing wigs for cancer patients. These campaigns aim to collect hair donations, transform them into wigs, and deliver them to needy people. The platform allows donors to contribute to these campaigns, allowing supporters to make a difference in the lives of those battling cancer.

    Besides contributing to these fundraisers, you can also raise funds for your loved one who may be battling cancer. Cancer treatments can be financially burdensome, and the expenses will depend on the type and stage of cancer, the prescribed treatments, and the healthcare facilities involved. However, crowdfunding platforms like Ketto can help ease the burden. They connect those who need financial support to fund their cancer treatments to those who are willing to help. Countless individuals have undergone life-saving treatments thanks to the generosity of Ketto’s donors and have recovered. 


    Hair donation for cancer patients symbolises an inspiring gesture of compassion, empathy, and solidarity in the face of the challenging journey that cancer patients endure. The visible loss of hair due to treatments can profoundly impact their self-esteem and identity. With its rich tradition of generosity, India has embraced this noble cause with open hearts and dedicated organisations, making the process accessible and meaningful for all. By supporting such initiatives, you can make a tangible difference in the lives of those battling cancer.

    Moreover, crowdfunding platforms like Ketto offer a powerful means to alleviate the financial burdens of cancer treatments, ensuring that individuals can access the care they need to fight this formidable disease. Together, these acts of kindness, whether through hair donation or fundraising, emphasise the transformative power of collective compassion and the profound impact it can have on those confronting the challenges of cancer.

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