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All You Need to Know about Bombay Hospital Mumbai

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    Bombay Hospital Mumbai

    Bombay Hospital, located in the metropolis of Mumbai, is a well-known healthcare centre dedicated to providing superior medical services. It has a long history of excellence and has been at the forefront of providing high-quality treatment to patients.

    Patient and family happiness is of the utmost importance at Bombay Hospital Mumbai. The comprehensive facility, designed with modern medicine in mind, enables precise diagnosis and successful treatment in a variety of medical specialities.

    History of Bombay Hospital, Mumbai

    Shri Rameshwardas Birla, a famous industrialist and philanthropist, established the Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre in 1952. The hospital was founded to provide excellent healthcare to all, regardless of their ability to pay.

    The hospital is located in Marine Lines in South Mumbai. MP Birla, a prominent industrialist and philanthropist, donated funds to construct the new hospital.

    RD Birla International Cardiac Centre, Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, and Bombay Hospital Institute of Nursing are all located at Bombay Hospital.

    The hospital is staffed by a team of professional doctors and nurses. It is outfitted with modern medical equipment has several financial help programs and a free outpatient department that handles approximately 100,000 patients each year.

    Bombay Hospital: Mumbai

    Bombay Hospital is a multispecialty centre offering a wide range of medical services, including general medicine, general surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, nephrology, urology, cardiology, oncology, neurology, psychiatry, plastic surgery, orthopaedics, dentistry, radiology, pathology, laboratory services, pharmacy, and rehabilitation services.

    Bombay Hospital is a well-known hospital in Mumbai and is regarded as one of the best in India. It is recognised by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH).

    It has 830 beds, of which 110 are in the critical care and recovery area. It has 22 operating theatres, 3,200 full-time employees, 240 eminent consultants, and 200 resident doctors.

    Bombay Hospital is also a teaching hospital affiliated with the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. It offers postgraduate training in a variety of medical specialities.

    Bombay Hospital is considered one of the best in India because of its:

    • Team of experienced and qualified doctors and surgeons.

    • State-of-the-art medical facilities to handle a wide range of medical conditions.

    • Affordable cost

    • Convenient location

    Bombay Hospital Locations in India

    Bombay Hospital continues to revolutionise care with a devoted team of trained healthcare professionals at three locations in India.

    1. Bombay Hospital, Marine Lines, Mumbai

      It is located at 12 Vitthaldas Thackerey Marg, opposite Liberty Cinema, New Marine Lines, Marine Lines, Mumbai 400020, Maharashtra.

      The bed capacity at Bombay Hospital, Marine Lines is 725, which includes 141 beds in the critical care and recovery area. The hospital is spread out across four buildings across approximately 5,00,000 sq. ft.

      It has a team of over 2,500 full-time employees, including 240 eminent consultants and 200 skilled resident doctors.

    2. Bombay Hospital, Indore

      The second branch is located at No. 94, IDA Scheme, 95, Eastern Ring Rd, Tulsi Nagar, Vijay Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452010.

      It has a bed capacity of 600, including 60 in the free ward category. Every month, over 2500 patients make use of their free OPD.

      Bombay Hospital Indore will be based on the same essential ideas of charity and excellence as Bombay Hospital Bombay.

    3. Bombay Hospital, Jaipur (coming soon)

      Bombay Hospital, Jaipur, is a 500-bed multispecialty hospital currently under construction and scheduled to open in late 2023. It will include around 2,500 full-time professionals, including 240 eminent consultants and 200 experienced resident doctors.

      It will be located in the Sitapura Industrial Area in Jaipur, Rajasthan 302022. It will be adjacent to the Sitapura train station and bus stop and easily accessible by public transport.

      Bombay Hospital: Infrastructure

    Bombay Hospital Mumbai offers modern facilities and benefits that include:

    • 4 structures totalling roughly 500,000 square feet.

    • 22 operating theatres, including four dedicated to the RD Birla International Cardiac Centre, two cath laboratories, four dedicated to the Departments of Neurosurgery and Neurology, and five dedicated to Orthopaedics.

    • There are 240 famous consultants and 200 talented resident doctors.

    • It is a member of the Association of Private Hospitals in India (APHI).

    • Well-served by public transit. It is near Marine Lines.

    • Near the hospital, there are also various bus stops.

    Features of the hospital’s infrastructure include:

    • The operating theatres are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced surgeons and nurses.

    • The critical care units are equipped with the latest life support equipment and staffed by experienced doctors and nurses.

    • The diagnostic facilities include a well-equipped radiology department, a pathology department, and an imaging department.

    • The rehabilitation facilities include a physiotherapy department, an occupational therapy department, and a speech therapy department.

    • The hospital also has several other facilities, including a blood bank, a pharmacy, a canteen, and a prayer room.

      Bombay Hospital offers various room facilities to suit the needs of different patients:

    • Private rooms for patients who want their room and bathroom. These rooms are typically with a bed, a chair, a table, a television, and a telephone.

    • Semi-private rooms for patients willing to share a room with one other patient. These are furnished with two beds, two chairs, a table, a television, and a telephone.

    • General wards for patients who want to share a room. These rooms are furnished with multiple beds, chairs, tables, and a television.

    • All rooms at Bombay Hospital are equipped with the following facilities:

      • Centralised oxygen supply

      • Suction

      • Call bell

      • Nurse call system

      • Wheelchair access

      • Bathroom with shower

      • Telephone

      • Television

      • Refrigerator

      • Air conditioning

      In addition to these basic facilities, some rooms also offer:

      • Personal nurse

      • Dietician

      • Laundry service

      • Housekeeping service

      • Internet access

      The room facilities vary depending on the type of room chosen.

    Major Specialities at Bombay Hospital Mumbai

    At Bombay Hospital, a variety of services are offered, including super speciality, broad speciality, diagnostic services, and therapeutic services.

    1. Cardiology: The Department of interventional cardiology and Catheterisation was established in 1980. Almost 60,000 angiographies and 15,000 angioplasties have been conducted under this roof—the highest number in any non-government hospital in the country.

    2. Cardio-thoracic: A big pre-operative room, 4 operating rooms, 20 recovery rooms, 2 cath labs, a central monitoring station, a medical shop, and a TSSU (Theatre Sterilising Supply Unit) occupy the entire level.

    3. Nephrology: The hemodialysis facility is outfitted with 15 ultramodern dialysis machines as well as a RO plant. It supports the 100-bed critical care unit with CRRT and SLED dialysis for patients who are critically ill and require substantial doses of medications to maintain blood pressure. Every day, 50–55 hemodialysis procedures are performed. Kidney transplantation has been performed here for 25+ years.

    4. Neurology: Bombay Hospital is well-known for providing specialised care in Neurology for stroke, head and spinal injuries, brain tumours, seizure disorders, movement disorders, neuromuscular diseases, headaches, and paediatric neurology. A well-equipped neuro-interventional team also contributes to acute stroke neurology care.

    5. Neurosurgery: Bombay Hospital’s Department of Neurosurgery has kept up with technical and conceptual advancements in the discipline. Bombay Hospital offers a full variety of neurosurgery and spinal operations: Neurosurgery, Neurovascular Surgery, Neuroendoscopy, and Spine Surgery.

    6. Pediatric Surgery: General paediatric surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, paediatric oncosurgery, and paediatric endocrine surgical problems are also performed at Bombay Hospital.

    7. Specialised care is available for the following conditions:

      • Urinary and faecal incontinence in children.

      • Hemangiomas and Vascular malformations in children are examples of vascular anomalies.

      • Children with portal hypertension.

      • For neonatal problems, primary pull-through procedures are performed.

    8. Pulmonology medicine: Pulmonologists routinely assess and treat disorders such as asthma, lung cancer, occupational and interstitial lung diseases, COPD, emphysema, and complex lung and pleural infections such as pulmonary hypertension, tuberculosis, and cystic fibrosis. It also includes a facility for Spirometry, Lung volumes, DLCO studies, a 6-min walk test, Bronchoprovocation test with histamine challenge.

    9. Rheumatology: The hospital’s complex and cutting-edge technology machines, as well as its highly qualified staff, ensure that patients receive the best care and treatment possible.

    10. Urology: The hospital’s staff of nine skilled surgeons and cutting-edge imaging and medical equipment, including the most recent Lithotripsy machine for urinary stones, are available for urology patients. It is among the few hospitals that has a urodynamic lab.

    11. Oncology: Apart from oncological surgical treatments conducted in other departments such as Neurosurgery, Gynaecology, and General Surgery, the department successfully performs close to 1000 surgeries each year with its enviable team of specialists and modern equipment. Another 3000 patients are treated using a linear accelerator each year. As a result, Bombay Hospital has earned a reputation as one of India’s finest cancer treatment centres.

      What Diseases Are Treated at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai?

      Bombay Hospital specialises in treating:

      • Cardiology

      • Dermatology

      • Endocrinology

      • Gastroenterology

      • General Medicine

      • Neurology

      • Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN)

      • Oncology

      • Ophthalmology

      • Orthopedics

      • Paediatrics

      • Psychiatry

      Top-Notch Patient Care Facilities at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai

    Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, is a multispecialty hospital that offers a wide range of patient care facilities:

    Insurance: Bombay Hospital accepts a wide range of insurance plans. If you are unsure if your insurance is accepted, contact the hospital for more information.

    Medical records transfer: This can be helpful if you are new to the hospital or are transferring from another city.

    Online consultation: This can be a convenient option if you are unable to visit the hospital in person.

    Rehabs: These facilities help patients recover from a variety of medical conditions, including injuries, illnesses, and surgery.

    Pharmacy: There is a fully-stocked pharmacy to provide patients with a variety of medications, including prescription and over-the-counter medications.

    Document legalisation: This can be helpful if you are planning to travel abroad or if you need to submit your medical records to another institution.

    Post-op follow-up: This can help patients ensure they are recovering properly from surgery.

    Bombay Hospital also has many other facilities that can help patients, including:

    • Ambulance service

    • Blood bank

    • Dietitian

    • Laboratory

    • Physiotherapy

    • Radiology

    • Social work

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