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Quick Tips to Boost Your Fundraising Efforts for Your Ngo

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    Boost Your Fundraising Efforts for Your NGO

    NGO stands for a non-governmental organization, which is a voluntary group or institution with a social mission. They operate independently from the government and usually depend on the donations that they receive. Their activities mainly include causes related to environmental, social, and human rights, etc.

    NGOs accept donations from private individuals, companies, charitable foundations, etc. However, getting the donations flowing and planning and executing the work on time is often hard. This blog provides quick tips on how to raise funds for your NGO and the recommendations that would help the NGO to raise funds. This is where Ketto—a trusted platform for raising funds for many socio-economic issues is of help—as anyone can be a fundraiser (including NGOs) and can raise funds.

    How to raise funds for your NGO?

    Often NGOs work with underprivileged communities. They work for a larger cause and therefore require a huge sum of donations to get things done. Sometimes arranging money may not be that easy, thus causing their work to be withheld or even discontinued. There are many ways to build revenue for a nonprofit organization, but if the ideas are not working, the strategies need to be changed. Here are a few tips that can boost fundraising for NGOs.

    Organizing events:

    Sometimes the fundraisers happen only for a cause, which is time-bound and would only bring in donations at a certain period. NGOs would need monetary inflow almost throughout the year as they work for causes like educating kids, building houses, providing food and shelter to animals and so on. These activities require a large sum, and collecting them would require long-term association with the donors. Events like marathons, charity dinners, cultural evenings with music and dance, and school rallies etc., would attract a larger crowd, and if conducted every year, people participating in these events might get influenced to donate to the NGO organizing these events.

    Finding volunteers:

    Dedicating volunteers to raise funds is a great idea because they would spread the message in their groups and on social media and thus would be able to find more donors for a cause. Students can actively participate in such events and develop their responsibility towards society. Youth can work better as they have the time and energy to participate in volunteer work.

    Building network:

    This is most important in fundraising because every time funds may not be available from regular sources. The friends and family of the staff, other donors, etc., can help when they get to know more about the organization. People will be more comfortable donating to an organization referred by a friend/family rather than donating to some stranger. These networks would draw more people through their social media, direct e-mails, word-of-mouth, etc.

    Online fundraising:

    Crowdfunding is a great fundraising option, as people can easily donate with a click. People from abroad can also make donations on a crowdfunding platform. There is no requirement to meet in person and donate in cash. However, always ensure that you use a trusted and popular platform like Kettoto start a fundraising event, as this would help gain the donors’ trust.

    The experts at Ketto vet the fundraisers and the needy and ensure that all rules comply and all documents are uploaded. Ketto is one of the best platforms for fundraising activities, as starting a fundraising campaign on Ketto is absolutely free, and NGOs can even withdraw money in the middle of the campaign, which can be used for their cause. 

    Periodic donations:

    Periodic donations are the most durable and stable source of income. It motivates people to donate monthly or annually. Donors renew their donations when they feel an emotional attachment to the cause or the needy. Programs such as sponsoring meals for homeless people, educating a child, etc., can be sponsored by a person or group on a monthly basis. Ketto keeps the donors updated about the condition of the needy, which is why the donors mostly prefer the platform.

    Product sales:

    NGOs can arrange a sale of specific products like artworks, homemade food items, baked goods, craftworks etc. which are unique and are not available at shops generally. This would attract more people to the NGO, thus increasing the chances of collecting donations. Fundraisers can encourage their friends/acquaintances to sell the NGO products, thus enhancing the popularity of the NGO. Reach out to the NGO supporters via social media and spread awareness on Ketto by selling donation tickets for the items on sale.

    Corporate partnership:

    Many multinational companies are now focusing on social causes and sustainability. NGOs can partner with such companies and sponsor a fundraiser event, assign their employees as volunteers, provide rewards or gifts or mementoes for the best donors, etc. These gestures would help attract more donors, and the corporates could get a chance to promote their organizational services freely.

    Celebrating festival and awareness days:

    Festival time is a good time to start a fundraiser as the people would be inclined during this time to make donations and contribute to events like meal distribution, clothes distribution, etc. NGOs can make use of this time and raise an online fundraiser to receive maximum donations. Also, awareness days like mental health day, world hunger day, etc., help to spread awareness as well as get donations for specific causes. People who relate to it or want to help the needy could help participate and donate to the cause.


    Ketto, India’s most trusted platform for crowdfunding, takes adequate measures to raise money for educational-related causes, distributing mid-day meals, upgrading the school’s infrastructure and classroom renovation, helping the poor pursue their studies and even helping NGOs to raise money for various causes. Ketto has made fundraising a cakewalk for all NGOs, big or small.

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