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Celebrate Republic Day Acknowledging The Sacrifice, Martyrs Of The Indias Armed Forces Have Given!

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    Republic Day Wishes by Ketto

    Ketto understands the journey of our Armed forces and the families that are survived by them. These martyrs are our countries, true heroes. To their last breath, they fulfil their promise of laying their lives for the great nation INDIA.

    If you are someone who has never contributed towards martyrs and want to bring a joyful feeling to their innocent children and spouses. Then join hands with Ketto this Republic day to celebrate their happiness and support them in making a better future.

    Support Soldiers by Ketto

    Ketto has initiated the ‘Support Soldiers’ to help families and young children of our martyred soldiers by facilitating crowdfunding for their survival and sustenance. This campaign will remain active all year. 

    We know you want to show your support to our martyred soldiers. You can now contribute to either of the fundraisers or simply spread the word by sharing the link with your friends and family.

    Our brave soldiers lay down their lives for the country. They pledged their life for the safety of the country and its citizens, a pledge they always fulfil. These brave men and women of our Indian army are survived by their distraught families as they are most often the sole breadwinners. We urge you all to show your support for these soldiers by raising funds for them. Simply start a fundraising campaign and reach out to your network by sharing your campaign on social media.

    Money raised will go directly to the Kin

    Money raised through an online fundraiser on our platform will be directly transferred into a soldier’s account. This will remove any mismanagement of money and will ensure the money goes to the next of kin.

    Ketto has taken up this initiative after seeing the outcome of the Uri attacks.

    With each and every Indian citizen support, there is a lot more that can be given back to the martyrs of our great nation.

    Visit Support Soldiers today!


    Ketto offers donors many different ways to contribute. One such offering is Social Impact Plan SIP. By signing up for SIP you can start giving donations in a timely manner to the cause that matters the most to you. 

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