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How To Tackle Global Warming With Fundraising?

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    Global Warming

    Global warming is like a disease that is slowly and steadily affecting every part of the globe. The melting glaciers of Antarctica, the breaking of ice shelves in the Arctic, or the submerging of billion-year-old islands, are all a part of the aftermath of global warming. 

    If you want to fight on behalf of Mother Earth, here are unique and effective ways you can adopt to tackle global warming with fundraising through organizations like Ketto.

    Before you can read more about the fundraising methods, let’s look at some trivia regarding the environmental impact of global warming.

    Global warming at a glance

    • Global warming refers to the overall increase in the earth’s temperature caused by an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases create a thick blanket in the atmosphere and trap the sun’s heat, preventing it from escaping.   
    • The earth’s carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is higher than it has ever been in the last million years. 
    • The United States of America contributes to about 25 per cent of the total carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere, emitted through the burning of fossil fuels. 
    • Global sea levels have risen by over 8 inches. 
    • In the USA alone, the overall temperature has risen by about 2 degrees Celsius and the average precipitation by about 5 per cent. 
    • The year 2019 was among the top 3 warmest years on earth.
    • Global warming leads to an increase in droughts, a decrease in arctic ice, a rise in ocean and sea levels, and consequent catastrophic events like storms, floods, etc. All these events lead to major economic losses for humankind. 

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    And if you’re looking for creative and effective ideas to reverse the effects of global warming while also raising funds, you can continue reading further. 

    Most Effective Ways To Tackle Global Warming With Fundraising

    There are many multinational corporations and high net worth individuals doing their bit to protect the environment from global warming. However, not everyone has it in their personal capacity to spend millions or billions for the cause. However, with the help of these crowdsourcing ideas mentioned below, you can raise substantial amounts of funds and do your bit for the environment. 

    1. Planting trees
      You have been taught in your biology class that trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. And you also know that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are the primary contributors to global warming. Therefore, planting trees not only helps reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, but also leads to an increase in fresh oxygen, which restores ecological balance.

      Planting trees together as a community can prove to be a fun and interactive way of saving the environment and also teaching your children about the importance of the elements of mother nature. You can start a community fundraiser to help buy trees and saplings and plant them in neighborhoods with a dearth of greenery.
    2. Encouraging sustainable transportation
      Burning fossil fuels leads to the emission of excessive amounts of greenhouse gases and contributes to about 30 per cent of the atmospheric contamination. You can reduce the quantity of these emissions by setting up carpools from places of frequent visits like your workplace, gyms, schools, etc. 

      If you live in a community, you can collect funds from everyone in the neighborhood to set up shuttle bus services for everyday travel and try to reduce the number of vehicles that each family or member uses to commute.
    3. Raise funds for renewable energy projects
      By encouraging the usage of renewable energy like wind, water, etc., the emission of harmful greenhouse gases drops drastically. You can raise funds through online and offline fundraisers, and associate with projects that promote the use of renewable energy. To garner more interaction and involvement, you can also promote your fundraiser campaigns through social media channels.
    4. Water conservation tanks
      Using water wisely and preserving it leads to lesser energy wastage in the treatment and transportation of water. This further leads to a reduction in the emission of harmful greenhouse gases.

      Channel your raised funds into water conservation tanks in more areas to encourage local consumption of water. Create awareness for the judicious usage of water through quicker showers, installation of drought-friendly plants over plants that consume high amounts of water, etc.
    5. Promote fundraising for the environment
      Channel your energies to raise awareness and encourage more individuals and communities to take part in raising funds and reversing the effects of global warming. There are several fundraising events you could organize to make people more informed while also making their monetary contributions count. You can organize environment-friendly events like marathons, cyclothons, bake sales, etc.

      Ketto offers several effective methods you can use for crowdfunding for the environment. Starting such a fundraiser on Ketto is both simple and easy. 

    We can only successfully overcome global warming by making urgent changes. These include:

    • Controlling the emission of greenhouse gases
    • Switching to sustainable lifestyle and products
    • Encouraging usage of renewable energy sources over fossil fuels

    Moreover, effective fundraising requires a lot more than just the idea and the intent. With its extensive experience in fundraising, the team at Ketto has put together some effective tips on how you can maximize your fundraising efforts.

    You will also be pleasantly surprised to know that Ketto has launched a “Zero Platform Fee” model to encourage more individuals and organizations to come forward and raise funds for good causes. 

    To know more about the different ways in which Ketto can bring your ideas and dreams of reversing global warming through effective fundraising to fruition, you can reach us here

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