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Child Welfare Goals You Can Contribute to with Ketto’s Fundraising

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    Child Welfare Goals You Can Contribute to with Ketto’s Fundraising

    Child Welfare is one of the major needs globally that is generally overlooked. It is a vast field of services that comply with children’s safety and requirements. Educators and stakeholders can implement fundraising to make vital contributions toward children’s development and well-being.

    As educators, we can play a significant role in society against child abuse and neglect – by supporting needy children, youth, and their families. Child welfare can ensure the overall well-being of children in dire need of social, educational, or economic support.

    About Child Welfare

    As we mentioned earlier, child welfare is nothing out of the ordinary. It is a collection of services designed to ensure that all children enjoy safe and happy lives and that their families get the required aid to foster their children successfully.

    There are several child welfare agencies and portals that serve and promote various causes:

    Educators – teachers, administrators, counselors, social workers, and other personnel are the people who are the closest in contact with children and their families. As educators, we are uniquely positioned to provide unwavering support to the prone children and families and aid in preventing child abuse and neglect.

    We would like to start a fundraiser to tackle child abuse and support child welfare. However, we may be at a loss to raise sufficient funds or even get to know the prime point of our movement.

    Fortunately, crowdfunding platforms like Ketto are working to provide 24*7 assistance to stakeholders in promoting and helping with their cause. On Ketto, we can easily raise funds unbelievably faster than other fundraising platforms with just a few simple steps!

    As an individual working outside of an agency, it might certainly come as a challenge to us to contribute towards enforcing child welfare. An agency can work and facilitate the necessary measures due to its widespread cover.

    Therefore, it is wise for us to use crowdfunding through a website like Ketto, which will help us reach our voice to the corners of the world and allow our campaign to create a ripple on a global scale.

    Why Ketto? What can it do?

    Ketto, as a fundraising platform, is especially aware of raising funds to help suffering children. It encourages keeping children healthy, safe, and well provided for and helps selflessly by uniting everyone.

    As per a survey by Child Rights and You (CRY), 1 out of 4 children don’t undergo schooling. Not only this, but also that more than 19 million children are malnourished, 10 million are oppressed through child labor, and more than 11 million don’t even have a home to live and they live on the streets.

    Ketto offers a seamless crowdfunding platform that can greatly aid in reducing these large numbers of suffering young people. Here, we can quickly raise money online for willing donors, campaign supporters, and well-wishers. 

    We can even raise funds for medical treatment, the education of children deprived of basic amenities, and those whose families struggle hard to bind the family together.

    Ketto is the best choice for starting a crowdfunding campaign. The process is fascinatingly intuitive and prompt. Here are a few steps that we should keep in mind to kick start our campaign and ensure that maximum children become happy and enjoy peace and security – 

    Getting Started with the Crowdfunding Campaign

    First, we ought to create a crowdfunding campaign for child welfare, which would include donations for the deprived children. We can also raise children’s funds on Ketto’s platform in just a few minutes without any tedious paperwork at our fingertips, and that too, with the need of just a few clicks!

    Sharing and Gathering Attention Towards Campaign

    It is extremely important to muster a target audience from which we can expect a lot of significant contributions. Since ours is a global mission, we have to attract lots and lots of attention to our child welfare goals.

    Today, a large audience is highly active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and the primitive yet substantial E-Mail. We can make effective use of these platforms to achieve our aim.

    Ketto makes it quite easy to deliver our fundraiser to a greater audience, including our friends, family, and acquaintances. This method can easily raise sufficient funds to assist child welfare.

    Withdrawing and Accumulating Funds

    Child welfare organizations cover all categories of child welfare services and programmes like nutrition, adoption, rehabilitation of physically or mentally challenged children, and informal preschool education.

    Many such organizations cheerfully accept any contributions that could help rejuvenate the lives of these young lives. Therefore, after withdrawing the funds raised through Ketto, we can make great donations from our end, which will fulfill our role as a responsible educator.


    Child welfare is a matter of concern, and the need for the hour is growing daily. We can’t neglect this subject that could potentially compromise a child’s safety and needs. Educators, being most attached to the children, can help foster child welfare. As individual educators, we can use Fundraising websites to raise funds to ensure that every child gets an education without any financial constraints. Ultimately the goal is to discourage and abolish child abuse and promote the child’s welfare. We can achieve this using crowdfunding platforms like Ketto, which offers easy fundraising without hassle.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment