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“Crowdfunding” A Powerful Tool To Raise Funds Online

    Crowdfunding a Tool to Raise Funds Online

    Many people around us do not have the facilities and resources to lead a happy and healthy life. When people are in need, it is the responsibility of the wealthy to contribute and make their lives comfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to have an online crowdfunding platform where fewer fortunate people can come and get help. Crowdfunding is one such option to help needy people. Fundraising becomes exceptionally easy with Ketto.

    What is the importance of a crowdfunding platform?

    Helps people to come together and help each other

    Crowdfunding is a great way for people to come together and help each other. Many crowdfunding platforms are available, but few are only established to serve humanity and the less fortunate. People are affected by health issues, natural calamities, lack of funds for education, short-term emergency, animal needs, women’s welfare, etc. An online crowdfunding platform that serves these purposes is one that contributes to society.

    Getting funds for emergencies and casualties

    Crowdfunding platforms are the best option if you need funds for emergencies. When you are with a health issue and do not have the funds to spend in the hospital, or you need to educate your children, or any other need for that matter, a crowdfunding platform can help a lot. On a crowdfunding platform, you can get the funds for your need from various people. You will be grateful at the end to all those who have supported you. Ketto can make this possible. If you have a social or healthcare need, then go to the platform and register yourself.

    Easy, efficient, and technology-based

    On a crowdfunding platform, the whole procedure is straightforward. Whether you are a donor or a receiver, things are simple. The needful person comes to the platform and registers himself, and enters his details. Various donors come to the forum, and if they see your request as trustworthy and credible, they will fund you. Technology has made drastic changes in the world we live in, and crowdfunding is one of its results.

    A Chance and opportunity to help others

    Many people want to help others but find it hard to pinpoint the right opportunity. In a social crowdfunding platform, there are many opportunities available. If you are a donor, you will see many people asking for genuine help, and this is your opportunity to open your hands. Along with you, there will be other donors as well. So you will not be alone, and it is a community of like-minded people. Getting funds for a need can be difficult, and this is why Ketto has started the online crowdfunding platform to connect the donor and the needy.

    The Power of Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding is one of the latest technology and online facilities for people who want to invest and those who need funds. When it comes to social and health welfare crowdfunding platforms, they play a special role since they are more connected with the basic needs and the welfare of the people in the society. A crowdfunding platform can help millions of people and eradicate the difficulties and obstacles in many people’s lives. It is a powerful tool to connect with the open-hearted and the needy.

    There was no such term as crowdfunding in earlier times, and people had no choice to get funds. They were desperate, and many did not get good healthcare facilities and other needs. Many were deprived of education, and many were homeless. Women being unmarried was one of the reasons. However, with the emergence of crowdfunding, all these problems are met with a solution. There are many generous and good-hearted people around us, and they are the backbone of our country. In India, millions are suffering from no help, and the help of one can bring immense happiness to a person’s life.

    Are you willing to help someone who is in trouble?

    As described in the article, millions require help. Are you someone who has the financial stability and freedom to help fellow human beings? If so, that would be a great act of love and kindness in your life. Wealth is to be shared, and the more one shares, the more one gets. This is a fundamental principle of life. Whatever you give will be received back at some time or the other. Ketto makes it possible for you to donate funds to the needy. All you need to do is to go to the platform and find the right project to fund.

    As a donor, you can go through the various projects and find the one you are comfortable and satisfied with. All the applicants are needy people who have some issue or the other. You can fund as much as you like. When you give, you are making a family happy. Contributing to society does not get much safer and more accessible than this. Are you ready?


    If you are a donor or a receiver, one of the best online crowdfunding platforms to use is Ketto- Started by Varun Sheth, Zaheer Adenwala, and Actor Kunal Kapoor to bridge the affordability gap. It s one of the best modern-day initiatives to help the needy and the oppressed. The platform wants to help the needy and better the future of India. Fundraising can never be so easy. The platform has options for both the donor and the receiver, ranging from healthcare, education benefits, women empowerment, natural calamities, short-term necessities, and animal welfare. It is one of the most friendly and authentic platforms to use for both parties

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