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Crowdfunding For Kids With Cancer: What You Need To Know

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    Crowdfunding for Kids With Cancer

    Seeing the doctor’s report that a kid has cancer is one of the biggest heartbreaking news for a parent, friend, or family member. Cancer is among the top deadliest conditions affecting over 1,12,000 Indians yearly. However, according to WHO (World Health Organization), a few Indians develop cancer at some stage in their lives, and the treatment options are affordable to nearly 35% of the patients.

    However, owing to the devotion and compassion of people who contribute effectively to cancer treatment expenses through different digital platforms and fundraising campaigns, more and more patients can now access cancer treatments.

    Whether you know a kid suffering from cancer or you intend to help gather funds for a condition you’d like to cure, there are some things you must know about Crowdfunding, especially for children with cancer or covid-19 patients. Starting from the meaning of Crowdfunding, its importance, and some cancer-related causes, this write-up will enlighten you!

    What is Crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds to assist individuals suffering from different kinds of critical health issues like cancer, covid-19, etc. In another sense, it works like a health insurance service that helps people raise money for any medical cause like cancer treatment or getting a few medical devices.

    Crowdfunding is done via a web donation page, making it lucrative and easy to commence. You can create personal Crowdfunding promotions for your kid’s cancer-associated issues or gather funds for a cancer-related charitable organization.

    You may also start up an internet cancer Crowdfunding campaign. It consists of four basic steps:

    · Choose the crowdfunding site where you’ll run your campaign.

    · Develop an official website for your campaign

    · Promote the campaign within your social connection

    · Get the required amount

    It would help if you had a compelling story on your campaign website to receive the most donations and reach your target amount easily. Use the power of words to persuade your potential contributors why you’re raising money. Inform them about the difficulties the donor seeker is experiencing and how the contributions can assist the patient in having a second chance of living. Ensure the target amount is clearly defined, and if possible, provide a breakdown of the medical costs. This would add more credibility and transparency to your crowdfunding campaign for cancer patients.

    Why People Choose Cancer Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding saves lives. How? In a world where everything has changed, even health care centers now implement the “pay before service scheme,” a cancer patient can get treatment until they make a deposit. If the cancer patient is not buoyant, Crowdfunding can help gather enough money for the patient. This way, the life of the patient is saved. Other reasons for running the Crowdfunding campaign includes:

    ·       High treatment cost

    Medical crises appear without an indication. Sometimes, savings and health insurance are insufficient to foot the bill. Crowdfunding assists you get the amount you desire using a donation scheme to get little contribution from a large number of individuals.

    ·   Stressful Loan Repayment

    Drowning in personal loans is common when medical emergencies appear. Although, immediately the money is raised, paying back that loan, especially with high-interest rates, could take months, most times years. In addition, the stress from too much thinking could tamper with your mental health. But online Crowdfunding leaves you with no debt nor stress.

    ·   Impromptu Money Request is Hard

    When you’re in need, requesting help and explaining your financial troubles to others can be embarrassing and difficult. Asking for donations through online Crowdfunding is more effortless.

    ·   Emergencies Need an Immediate Response

    It’s difficult to cope financially and mentally when your family members are faced with life-threatening illnesses. However, the majority of medical situations need immediate care. Online Crowdfunding enables you to raise cash promptly by providing you with a platform to discuss your situation. Cancer patients benefit primarily from Crowdfunding.

    Not only is Crowdfunding meant for cancer patients, but also it is helpful to covid-19 patients as well. First, however, let’s look at some types of cancer and their causes.

    Cancer: Types, Causes, and Treatment

    Cancer is one of the most life-threatening conditions anyone can experience in life. Luckily, you get a second chance at life; sometimes, there are no two ways about it. However, you can gather funds for any cancer treatment expenses, including Light Therapy, Medicines, Chemotherapy, etc. Some other significant types of cancer that Crowdfunding can assist includes:

    · Prostate cancer – a type of cancer associated with males’ prostate

    · Lung cancer – a kind of cancer that occurs as soon as cells divide uncontrollably in the lungs.

    · Leukaemia and lymphoma are blood cancer types that occur when an increase in the body’s white blood cells. (There are three types of blood cells wherein the white blood cell is one of them)

    · Kidney cancer – this affects the kidney (also called RCC Renal Cell Carcinoma)

    · Throat cancer – occurs in the pharynx (throat) or larynx (voice box)

    · Breast cancer – occurs once some breast cells start growing abnormally.

    A genetic disorder, like Down syndrome, significantly raises the possibility of cancer in kids. In addition, children who have received cancer treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy are prone to develop cancer afterward if the kids’ immune system is weak. However, most childhood cancers are caused by random mutations (changes) in the DNA of developing cells.

    There are a variety of cancer treatments available. The kind of therapy a kid with cancer undergoes is determined by the type of cancer, the number of lymph nodes, and the stage of the disease. Chemotherapy, Surgery, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, and stem cell transplantation are all standard therapies kids with cancer could receive.

    Essential details to learn about cancer in kids

    · Based on the American Childhood Cancer Organisation’s report, leukemias account for 30% of all childhood malignancies, with acute lymphocytic and acute myelogenous leukemia being the most prevalent kinds.

    · Cancer in kids is the 2nd most significant cause of death, so awareness and education should be considered in childhood cancer.

    · Cancer treatment for children has no side effects on the kids.

    · Based on the American Cancer Society, over 80% of cancer-affected kids now live longer than five years. This is a significant improvement, unlike the 58% survival rate of 5-year during the mid-1970s. It can be linked to innovations in medical care.

    The future of pediatric cancer research funding

    Statistics show that cancer in kids is growing dramatically, regarding the report of Ruth Hoffman, general director of the ACCO (American Childhood Cancer Organisation). The population of kids with brain tumors continues to rise, while pharmaceutical research for childhood cancer has been minimal in the previous 25 years. However, childhood acute blood cancer survival chances in first treatment have increased dramatically, approaching 80%.

    To make a difference and decrease the upsurge of cancer cases in kids or counteract their effect, fund research is necessary and helpful. Unfortunately, as per the National Paediatric Cancer Foundation report, just 4% of the amount invested in cancer exploration and treatment is utilized to treat children with cancer. Significantly, it is crucial because, since the 1980s, not more than ten medicines have been produced to combat pediatric cancer. As cancer in children research gets so little money, private fundraising is essential to progress.

    Conclusion: Starting a Crowdfunding campaign

    The world becomes a better place when love, care, and good health. When there is love, helping the less privileged around you becomes simple. Crowdfunding, a medium designed to assist individuals with their life-challenging causes can benefit. However, finding the right platform to start a Crowdfunding campaign is tricky.

    Several organizations support Crowdfunding. However, we assure you that the best Crowdfunding platform you find will offer you a 100% credit score plus a “0% PLATFORM FEE” free internet cancer Crowdfunding to gather money and pay the bills of any health issues you have. The money you raise can also be used for cancer therapies and pricey chemotherapy treatments, drugs, and protocols.

    You don’t need to wait until cancer has spread, and you should begin your cancer fundraising campaign immediately after diagnosis. That way, you get a chance to live long. This applies to anyone facing cancer-related issues. Also, if your kid gets the wine tasting in your mouth or fungal infections on their skin, that is enough signal for you to start Crowdfunding.

    Why wait?

    Start your Crowdfunding campaign for free with 24/7 guidance from devoted fundraiser managers throughout your fundraising trail. Then, you can call in/withdraw the funds whenever you need them.

    Click here to start your Crowdfunding journey for kids with cancer and make a name for yourself!

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