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Liver Transplant Surgery Costs in India and How Crowdfunding Can Help Pay for It

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    Crowdfunding Liver Transplant Surgery

    Providing equal healthcare in India has always been a challenge. With a mass population of over a hundred crores, India contributes around 18.3% of two million global liver failure cases. Yet owing to medical inflation and a high rate of unemployment, not everyone can receive the same level of treatment as certain medical procedures and operations. For anyone requiring a tedious treatment like a liver transplant, money is the last factor that needs to come to mind. One way to mitigate the surgery costs would be raising money via online fundraising.

    Liver Transplant Surgery Costs in India

    Liver transplant surgeries are obscenely expensive. The medical procedure involves various factors. Additionally, it is only performed by a specialist surgeon and takes place in only a certain multi-specialty hospital. The average cost of a liver transplant surgery ranges from Rs. 22,50,000 to Rs. 30,75,000.

    The following are the key factors that directly determine the cost of liver transplant surgery in India: 

    Type of Surgery: There are many types of liver transplant surgeries that are offered to patients by hospitals depending on the condition of the patient. For instance, robotic, laparoscopic, open, and many more types of surgery procedures are available to perform a liver transplant.

    Disease Progression: The cost of the surgery also depends upon how much the disease has progressed or how critical the patient’s condition is. The more severe the condition is, the more it will cost.

    Location of the Hospital: The location of the hospital matters because people tend to go to hospitals that are near stations/airports, have a good transportation system, places of accommodations like hotels/homestays, and much more. If the hospital satisfies all these conditions, the surgery cost tends to be higher.

    Pre- and Post-Operative Complications: Pre- and post-operative complications of a patient are among the key factors that can impact the overall cost of the surgery. This is because the pre- and post-operative complications have to be treated first. Post this only, the surgeries can take place. All these extra procedures, besides the liver transplant itself, add to the final bill of the surgery.

    Coverage Under Government/ Insurance/Subsidy: Hospitals tend to do their billing depending upon how or from where the medical and surgery coverage is made. So, if the medical coverage is under government or subsidy, the amount should be a little less than the medical coverage under insurance.

    What is Crowdfunding and How Can it Help?

    Crowdfunding is the practice of collecting money for funding a good cause/venture/project from a large number of people in small amounts, mainly through the internet. Crowdfunding works as a helping hand and can prove to be life-saving as all these surgeries are life-saving.

    Noticing the liver transplant costs in India on average, it is concerning for most to pay Rs. 22–30 Lakhs for surgery. But it is possible to finance it through crowdfunding. This is because some people are willing to fund life-saving surgeries. Furthermore, through online portals and websites, the cause can spread globally, and people can easily make unaffordable bills affordable for many patients and their families. 

    Why Choose Crowdfunding to Finance Liver Transplant in India? 

    On average, a patient who is in need of a new liver has to wait for more than 3 years, and this waiting list keeps on getting longer as the need for suitable livers is on the rise.  So, it is very important that people become aware of keeping funds ready for liver transplant surgery.

    The following are the reasons to opt for crowdfunding to fund the liver transplant:

    1. One gets help from only those people who are willing to help.

    2. One can receive and collect certain funding before jumping right onto the expensive treatment.

    3. One gains supporters who will pray for the successful procedure while facing post-surgery complications.

    4. One can share their projects and good causes globally to gain a wider range of donors willing to help.

    Why Use Ketto for Online Crowdfunding?

    Ketto is an online platform specifically designed for online fundraising and crowdfunding numerous medical treatments and other good causes. It is also designed for people who are willing to donate and fund surgeries that are as costly as liver transplant surgeries. Donors can easily keep donation records and get updates on new fundraising projects. One can start their own crowdfunding journey and save lives. If one wishes to know more about how Ketto works, they can visit blog, where a list of articles is dedicated to the same. 

    The Bottom Line

    Access to medical care and its affordability is low for rural people who need to go through expensive medical treatments/surgeries. It becomes even more difficult for them with the lack of knowledge regarding equipping themselves with timely medical coverage or sending in applications to the government. This is where platforms like Ketto can utilize online fundraising and crowdfunding to save countless lives. 

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