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Manage Donations on the Go With Ketto SIP App

    Donations on the Go With Ketto Sip App

    Ketto is an Indian crowdfunding platform that gives people a platform to raise funds for a wide range of causes, from medical care to disaster relief.

    When hands join together, nothing is impossible. We’ve been able to save over 100,000 lives thanks to the generosity of many donors, and these numbers keep growing everyday. We offer crowdfunding services to individuals as well as organisations that are well-known in this niche. We make the transactions fluid and seamless by streamlining the channels between donor and receiver.

    You will benefit both morally and financially by joining Ketto’s Social Impact Plan (SIP). SIP allowed you to donate smaller amounts on a regular basis. SIP by Ketto provides for children in dire need of funds for medical attention. It also can be a major step in your philanthropic journey. You can help save someone’s life with just a small donation. You shall become an indispensable member of an indomitable community of spirited individuals. We are fueled by our passion and compassion for helping people, bringing hope to their lives and making their dreams come true.

    The new Ketto SIP app introduced a slew of new features to make donating and receiving donations more convenient.

    Just login to the app; you may create a new account or use one of your social media accounts. If you already are an SIP member you’ll be directed to your donation data page, if not, you can start a SIP donation now. The app has been updated to include a new on-the-go donation feature that allows you to pledge any amount to your favourite SIP without having to renew your cycle every month. It’s as easy as authorising a debit or credit card to make a donation.

    Start your philanthropic journey through our SIP for medical aid to children here or explore the new and updated app and take advantage of the donations on the go feature now.

    Sushant Peshkar
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