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Fundraising Ideas for Cancer Patients Treatment in India

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    Cancer Fundraising Ideas

    Lakhs of people in India are diagnosed with cancer every year. Many lose their battle against cancer due to the inability to pay for medical treatment, chemotherapy, and surgery. Despite selling off everything, most people are not able to cover the cost of cancer treatment.

    Crowdfunding is a ray of hope in the dreary world of cancer and has helped many families raise funds for the treatment. If you are worried about how to go about helping a loved one going through such a crisis, there are several unique fundraising ideas for cancer patients in India that can reduce financial stress.

    Ketto is one of the leading and trusted crowdfunding platforms in India which has helped millions pay for medical expenses or champion a social cause. Ketto has managed to raise nearly 1,100 crores of funds with over 2 lakh campaigns through crowdfunding. It offers a platform for the cancer patient or the family to tell their stories and personally reach a large audience of potential donors.

    Ketto has a zero percent platform fee for helping to manage a fundraiser for the patient. It helps initiate the crowdfunding process for free and has already helped many patients pay off their dues and become cancer-free. All you need to do is log in on Ketto, start a new campaign, set your fundraising goals, provide all the details of the patient’s story, and promote it to start getting donations.

    Platforms like Ketto can thus help you save lives. These are a few tried-and-tested fundraising ideas for cancer patients.


    With the dominance of the internet, it has become easy to reach out to the masses for help. One of the foremost and effective fundraising ideas for cancer patients is crowdfunding. Ketto is the largest online crowdfunding platform in India that allows the patient or their kin to create campaigns to fund their cancer treatment.

    Campaigns with a set goal can be shared across various platforms to request people to donate money for the patient’s treatment. Actively posting the campaigns on social media increases reshares, and hence the visibility of the campaigns. This allows anyone across the globe to donate and help someone in need.

    Involvement of NGOs in Fundraising

    NGOs involved with procuring affordable cancer treatment adopt various strategies and creative campaigns for fundraising. Several NGOs in India are run by cancer survivors themselves. Hence, they come from a place of awareness themselves and can run effective campaigns that successfully motivate people to contribute to the cause. There are many NGOs like Yuvraj Singh Foundation, Indian Cancer Society, Nargis Dutt Memorial Trust, etc. which get good donations for cancer treatment.

    NGOs have the flexibility and resources to run diverse campaigns that can attract people’s attention. Some fundraising ideas for cancer relief efforts can also be opportunities for donors to buy, participate, or attend an event in exchange for donations, like:

    1) Charity concerts – By roping in popular artists, these types of events help in collecting a large number of donations. NGOs with their contacts can organize such concerts by choosing the venue, performer, and promoting the event. The concerts are not limited to physical stage concerts, and can even be virtual events. Funds can be collected by selling tickets for the concert.

    2) Marathons and walks – These fundraising events are by far one of the most popular methods of collecting donations. Marathons and walking events attract a large number of people and funds can be accumulated through participation fees. In return, participants are given T-shirts and a certificate for their contribution.

    3) Tree planting events – NGOs can invite people to plant, buy, or sell tree saplings in return for a donation amount. However, the best way to attract more people to such an event is by charging a nominal fee.

    4) Selling merchandise – This can be any type of merchandise like T-shirts, bags, home decor, bracelets, etc. If you are trying to raise money for cancer treatment, selling merchandise is another effective way to raise funds. In such events, people buy the products even if they do not need them, just to help. In return, they become happy owners of art made for a cause. It is one of the coolest and most compelling ways to create awareness about cancer and raise money.

    Crowdfunding from Corporates

    Large corporations or companies have a huge number of people working under them. Spreading awareness and requesting a donation from all employees in the workforce can generate a large sum of money. This can help people pay for the medical bills and treat cancer. Such funding is usually done for an employee of the company suffering from cancer.

    Alternatively, NGOs have tie-ups with such corporations. The money collected by corporate bodies for cancer treatment is given to the NGOs to help cancer patients reduce their financial burden.

    Medical Insurance

    Many people are sadly not able to afford cancer treatment due to a lack of decent medical insurance which covers cancer claims. High premium rates make this especially true for poor people who do not have fixed or sufficient income. For people who can afford it, it is highly recommended to invest in medical insurance which covers treatment for cancer. In this way, medical bills can mostly be covered by the insurance upon hospitalization.

    Looking to raise funds for cancer treatment?

    Undoubtedly, successful campaigns are those with an evocative and detailed description of the situation that effectively informs the donor how they can make a change. NGOs have the reach and ability to create awareness campaigns and increase funding options. Crowdfunding can make a change as well, by accepting small donations from millions of people to achieve the desired goal. Create a campaign with Ketto for cancer patients and get donations flowing from people all across the globe.

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