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Looking for a Purpose to Start Fundraising for Women? Here’s What You Need to Know

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    Worshipped as Goddess but fails to be treated as human at times, the debate for women’s health is old.

    Therefore, it’s high time now to identify, address and provide a helping hand for the issues of women’s health. But the moment we think about helping someone, we often take a step back, looking at our pockets. Nevertheless, as the saying is, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

    Initiating fundraising for women’s health is one such way that can change the picture for good.

    About Ketto

    As a leading crowdfunding platform, Ketto aspires to provide women the desired help they deserve. Fundraising for women’s health is one of the core concerns of Ketto. With an aim to achieve high and actually create a difference, Ketto has been successfully running 2.8 lakh + fundraisers.

    Ketto acts as a mediator with a 0% platforming fee between those who need help and those who wish to help. With the policy of transparency and cost-effectiveness in fundraising for women, Ketto has successfully created a difference in the lives of several women. Keeping the security of donors in mind, Ketto verifies every fundraiser before launching it. This ensures that funds are rightfully utilized for the purpose they are donated for.

    So, if you are looking for a purpose to start fundraising for women, the following points can help you with that –

    Basic health care

    Basic health care is one area where every woman gets ignored. According to a study by Harvard University and Indian experts, it was found that compared to 67% of men, only 37% of women got medical treatment.

    Therefore, taking care of women’s health should be taken seriously and not as an economic burden. Hence, one can initiate fundraising for women’s health needs that aims to provide basic health care facilities to underprivileged women.


    Gender inequality is one of the harsh realities of society. The contaminating stereotypes existing in society have led to unawareness about some serious problems like STDs, unwanted pregnancies, dowry, abuse, and lack of financial independence. Despite being the 2nd most populated country globally, India is one of the countries with the lowest female literacy with 59%.

    But awareness and knowledge about them can change everything. Thus, education for girls and women is an idea to consider for fundraising for women.

    Domestic violence and harassment

    With backwardness still prevailing in the country due to lack of education, many women in India still face the challenge of domestic violence and harassment by their husbands and family as the patriarchal society grants them the position of God, and women are expected to handle all their woes. Of all the registered crimes against women in 2019, 30.9% were registered under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, which relates to cruelty subjected to women by her husband and their relatives.

    But, today is a time that needs change and with a need to fight deeply entrenched domestic violence in India. The fundraising for women could provide extreme help to those who decided to fight this adversity.

    Sexual abuse

    Women who face sexual abuse once in their lives lie with all their hopes shattered and a feeling where they despise themselves. Getting over sexual crimes like rape, abuse, and even eve-teasing is one of the biggest challenges women face in their lives. 33% of the total crimes against women were related to rape, and in 98% of the cases, it was done by someone known to the victim.

    Therefore, by starting a fundraiser, adequate support in financial, mental, medical, and rehabilitation aspects can be offered to victims.

    Reproductive health

    Women are the creatures that are gifted the ability to bring life onto the earth. This sometimes takes a toll on lives as the illiterate sections are not even aware of such problems in society like unsafe abortions, sexual violence, unwanted pregnancies, STDs, and maternal illnesses.

    However, ignorance won’t help anyway, but an address of the issue can definitely help. Thus, fundraising for women’s health needs to emphasize reproductive health as well.

    Mental health

    By far, mental health is one of the most ignored and the most important aspects of women’s health yet. Women face mental pressure in each and every stage in their lives, ranging from adversities like violence, abuse, sexual assault, and even as minor as managing their household chores and family, adapting to their bodily changes.

    Adding to the woes of mental health is the stigma attached to mental health. 3.9% of women deal with depressive disorders compared to 2.7% of men, and 3.9% of women deal with anxiety disorders compared to 3.3% of men. Thus, fundraising for women’s health needs to give due attention to the mental health spectrum.

    But before you start a fundraiser, there are a few points that should be kept in mind

    • Your fundraiser should have a set goal that needs to appeal to your targeted audience.
    • The emotional and financial appeal to the audience must be verified and then put forth before donors to save them from potential frauds.
    • An adequate marketing strategy is a must to increase the reach of a fundraiser and increase the number of donors.
    • Appreciate all sorts of help, whether it is financial, emotional, spiritual, etc.
    • No one should be forced to participate in a fundraiser as it kills the basic purpose of fundraising.

    It’s time we give women the attention they deserve. From basic health care to life-saving treatments, every single effort counts and makes a difference.  So, if you have a purpose, start your fundraiser in just 2 minutes.

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