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Effective Animal-Shelter Fundraising Ideas

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    Effective Animal-Shelter Fundraising Ideas

    Animal shelters are doing a great job helping animals. Some people want to help animal shelters but are not aware of how they can do it. So there are organisations like Ketto that help these animal shelters by raising funds for them. Animal shelters are expensive to maintain, so they need considerable funds to run their centres to provide the best of facilities to the animals. This article expounds on effective ideas for animal fundraising.

    The following are some effective animal-shelter fundraising ideas:

    a) Host a pet walk & costume contest

    Dog walk events are generally one of the best ways to raise funds for animal shelters as their proud owners love showing off their pets to the public. When this is combined with a costume contest, these shows help raise huge funds for the animal shelters. Ensure that the shows are organised on a day when the weather is perfect so that it benefits both the pet and the pet owner.

    b) Organise a ‘Wash a Pet’ day

    Local animal shelters can always organise a ‘Wash a Pet’ day, where they can invite the pet owners to bring their pets to a particular place to provide a wash for the pet for a nominal amount. This is one of the finest techniques to raise funds for an animal shelter. Extra charges can be applied for add-ons like shampoo, soap etc. Please note that this event can’t be tried with cats but is successful in the case of dogs.

    c) Create and sell merchandise

    Selling customised pet merchandise is also an excellent idea for animal-shelter fundraising. Pet owners are extremely fond of their pets, and they would enjoy merchandise with a picture of their pet on it. Although this idea requires some initial small investment, it can help fundraising in the long run.

    d) Make some furry friend calendars

    This animal-shelter fundraising ideas will require a photographer and a graphic designer who can create innovative and creative furry friend calendars. The photographer can click photos of the animals residing in the shelter, and the graphic designer can put the same photographs in such a way that the calendar looks attractive to all the pet lovers, and they can’t resist buying the same. After the graphic designer has completed his work, you can get the same calendars printed and sold in the market for fundraising.

    e) Pet sitting services

    Pet sitting service is another method of raising animal-shelter funds. In this service, you can always ask volunteers who want to spend time with the pets but don’t want to own them. And at the same, all the pet owners who wish to leave their pet at your centre for some time can simply come and pay the fee and keep their pet. Here, you can generally charge a little less than the amount professional pet sitting centres are charging, and all the amount collected can be utilised as an animal shelter fund.

    f) Crowdfunding

    This is one of the new-age methods to generate funds for various causes. This method is generally used by small organisations, in which they can cater to a large audience at a single point of time and collect small donations from them. The process of crowdfunding is speedy and straightforward. Animal shelter organisations can put photographs of their pets on social media to create an emotional connection between the donors and animals so that they can donate the amount as per their choice

    g) Pet photoshoots

    Pet lovers love to show off their pets in pet-related events. A pet photoshoot is an event where pet lovers can bring their pets for cute photoshoots. The money collected by doing the photoshoot can be used for the fundraising of animal shelters. To collect more funds, the fundraising organisation can get in touch with some volunteer photographers who are willing to do the work with either no or minimal amount.

    h) Set up a storytelling contest

    Pet lovers are very fond of sharing their pet stories with the public and other pet lovers. Animal shelter organisations can set up an event on any social media platforms, especially Facebook, where they can ask the pet owners to share their best pet stories. The best story can be rewarded with some lucrative prizes. These types of events will not only help you in fundraising but will also help in raising awareness amongst the general public for the noble cause of the animal shelter.

    i) Put charity boxes around town

    Animal fundraising organisations can create charity boxes and put images of adoptable pets on them to collect funds from the general public. These boxes can be installed in some prominent locations, for example, famous grocery shops, convenience stores, etc. This can prove to be an effective way of raising funds for animal shelters.

    j) Dog training classes for beginners

    One of the most innovative methods for animal-shelter fundraising Ideas is by arranging dog training classes for people planning to adopt a pet. This is one of the best ways to raise funds as this will help the pet adopters handle their pet and help bring in a good amount for the organisations providing the animal shelter.

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