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Eye Cancer Crowdfunding

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    Eye Cancer Crowdfunding

    There is a lot in this world to see, feel, and experience. The eyes are the most necessary part of the human body, which instills confidence in what people do every day. What a pity for those eyes which cannot see these beautiful landscapes in the world that exist. Imagine how life would become if we were not able to see the world?

    All About Eye Cancer

    According to a recent research paper published by NCBI on ocular tumors in India, a six-year study period and analysis revealed that retinoblastoma is the most common type of tumor, and in over 32% of the patients, the tumor is malignant. These are the tumors that grow and form around the various parts of the eyes around the healthy cells causing the benign stage of cancer. Mutations have been the cause of almost every type of cancer.

    Eye cancer is believed to have genetic mutations of eye melanoma which affects the eye if there is too much UV exposure. It can be true in some cases. But in most cases, the reason for the development of tumors is not known. Where does this leave eye cancer patients? Their world becomes blurry for the patients. If left untreated, they are prone to lose their eyesight.

    When properly treated, the survival rate for eye cancer patients increases to about 80%  for five years. Human life is precious. Five years of life can help the patients, and their loved ones make happy memories together.

    Financial Distress

    According to the Center for Sight, 1/5th of eye cancer cases globally occur in India. This has become a problem in the healthcare industry. What makes this more difficult is that children of 0-4 years develop this problem. If the cancer is not diagnosed in the early stages, the children have to go through the discomfort of surgeries and relevant measures to reach the best possible solution. While there is a development in the methods used by the oncologists to help the children, the cost becomes equally high.

    Since retinoblastoma primarily affects children, their future life has to be considered during the course of the treatment. There is a lot of difference between a person tackling eye cancer in their late 50s as compared to a child below the age of 4. The discomfort and procedures that a child has to undergo tends to be more draining physically, mentally, and financially. They need moral support and financial support for a longer term to go through delicate procedures. Ketto aims to be a solution here.

    Help Unconditionally

    Eye cancer is most curable at the early stage, but treating it is extremely expensive. Surgeries and subsequent therapies can help those afflicted get better and live an ordinary life with heads held high.

    Once diagnosed, cancer treatment needs to start immediately. Of course, the cost of treatment is not affordable for everyone. Loan programs are stressful and time taking. Asking a huge amount of money from someone is not as easy as it seems to be.

    The people who are in need must be helped. Join the eye cancer crowdfunding fundraiser to help those unable to help themselves see this beautiful world again. Any aid from your end, even the cost of one meal, can add light to an eye cancer patient’s life.

    The ability to connect to people digitally does not have to be the only way the internet brings us closer. We can join hands and help people in dire need of it. When you help in fundraising through Ketto, you get proper updates about the patient’s treatment, recovery, recovery plans, and status. One can even withdraw funds if one feels so. With a transparent process,  Ketto hopes to aid those fighting to survive, not lose hope due to insufficient funds. A small amount from an individual would prove to be a great addition to the entire cost. Every person should be able to experience the beautiful world. Every help counts. Every dollar counts.

    Fundraise With Ketto

    Ketto helps millions of patients suffering from different kinds of cancers and other life-threatening diseases to fundraise for their treatment, free of charge. Ketto takes care of the documentation and verification processes to make it smooth sailing. Appealing to people for help would actually help with the considerable cost of treatment. The power of the internet can enlighten the help seeker. Make a big difference in your life with Ketto‘s crowdfunding programs.

    Let the world know the root of your problems, let them understand, and stand with you in your battles. Take a step ahead to appeal, donate and spread love into this world. Help restore the faith of people in humanity and be an example of how unconditional help can change someone’s life. Spread smiles to these patients and let them have a fair chance to see this beautiful world where they belong.

    As emphasized earlier, eye cancer is a serious issue that can make life tremendously difficult once the symptoms start manifesting. While the treatment already gives discomfort to the child, the emotional and financial distress of the parents, who are expected to be of moral support to the child, makes the process even more excruciating. Ketto is an online crowdfunding platform that showcases the details of every patient they work with and acts as a place for people to show kindness and support through fundraising. If you think you can share resources with those who are in urgent need of it or need help for yourself or a loved one, visit Ketto Cancer Crowdfunding.

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