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Five Quick Fundraising Ideas

    Five Quick Fundraising Ideas

    While we may genuinely believe that compassion runs the world, another fact is that we need money to bring about the change we envision. Similarly, we may have the most remarkable innovative ideas for a business, but we need adequate financial support to turn it into reality. Typically, people use their savings and borrow from family and friends or take a bank loan to start a business. 

    But what if we told you that there are five quick fundraising ideas that you can use to raise funds for your nonprofit, a social cause, or even your business idea? Here are some ideas that you can leverage regardless of whether you are raising funds for a social cause or a business venture:

    Organise a sale

    Today, as more and more people are buying things online, they love a ‘sale.’ It is usually associated with buying something at a lower price. You can host a garage sale of the items that you don’t use anymore. You can also ask your close friends and colleagues if they can donate items for sale. It will take you a couple of days to get all the things together, price them, and organise the items for the sale.  

    You can also host a second-hand book sale. Reach out to all the bibliophiles in your network and collect used books. Make sure they are in good condition, or else you will just be left with a stack of used, dusty books that nobody will buy. 

    If you or anyone in your family are good at baking, you can use their skills to good effect and host a bake sale. Ask a talented baker in your family to help you out with raising funds for your idea. Create a bake sale and spread the word. You can offer discounts on big orders, and provide free delivery to boost sales. 

    Whatever it is that you are fundraising for, make sure the buyers, donors and attendees know it. They will be more inclined to give you the asking price if they realise that the sale proceeds are going to go towards creating some social value. You can also place a donation box at the site of the sale to encourage direct donations. 

    Start online crowdfunding

    You can start a fundraiser online with a specific financial goal and appeal to hundreds of potential donors by telling the story of your social cause and request them to donate a small amount. This is the essence of an online crowdfunding campaign. Suppose you are raising funds to provide organic farming material to marginalised farmers. In that case, you can share your fundraising campaign with stakeholders such as those working for the cause of the farmers or environmental conservation groups. Find the place where your fundraiser will get maximum donors. 

    If you are raising funds for your business venture, then you can start a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign. You can offer particular rewards for your backers or funders.

    It takes only a few minutes to start an online crowdfunding page, and it is one of the easiest ways to create and execute a fundraiser. 

    Organise an online auction

    Many people love going to auctions. Not only do they get something of value out of it, but it also provides some thrill and entertainment! Go to a thrift or antique store, and dig into your collection of memorabilia and fandom collectables to prepare a list of auction items. You can even create a whole customised itinerary for a trip for two and auction it. If you are holding an online auction, you can use a software that facilitates the entire auction for you. Tell the attendees what the objective of keeping the auction is, and if they are impressed and moved by the cause, they might just bid higher as a mark to support you and the crowdfunding cause!

    Teach a skill

    Do you have any specialised skill that many people would pay to learn? Are you at the top of your game and think that others would want to know the secret to your success? If yes, you can teach the art of your trade to others and charge a fee in return. Let’s say you are a therapist who can take a class on ‘effective anger management techniques’ and donate the workshop’s proceeds to a non-profit working for nature.

    Collaborate with a business

    Is there a local business that would benefit from associating with your charity? You can host a fundraising event at their premises or ask them to match any donations that come your way through another campaign. They can benefit from the positive publicity when you talk about their collaboration on your social media pages. 

    No matter what cause you are working for, you can use any of the above ideas to raise funds. Here are ways to promote your crowdfunding campaign. But make sure that you do plan your fundraising event well, and have a few trusted people to support your endeavour.

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