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Individual fundraising Ideas – Meaning

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    Fundraising Ideas

    Have you ever let your dreams take a backseat because you didn’t have the funds required to make them real? Has your sheer survival been at risk because your health insurance ran out? We all face many challenges in life, and more often than not, these challenges come with a hefty price tag. 

    So, what do we do when we cannot take the next step of our life because of the lack of money to move forward? Do you give up? or would you instead focus all your energy and efforts to change things for the better? If you choose the latter, you can start a fundraising campaign. 

    Here are some individual fundraising ideas that you can leverage to make your dreams come true:

    Start a crowdfunding campaign

    Technology, compassion, and community-giving come together in the form of online crowdfunding. In this form of fundraising, the individuals seeking funds start a crowdfunding page where they tell their stories. They mention the amount they need to raise and get small donations from multiple people. 

    Let’s illustrate how crowdfunding can help an individual. Let’s say, Ajay lives in the city, loses his house in his hometown in a terrible cyclone. With the whole structure of the house blown away, he needs to rebuild the house so that his old parents can live there safely and peacefully. 

    If he doesn’t have the resources to rebuild it, he will start a crowdfunding campaign. He will choose an online crowdfunding platform such as Ketto to raise funds. After identifying the goal amount, he needs to raise it. He will share his story, including pictures of the demolished house, and the bills indicating the cost of materials required to rebuild the house. 

    Once the campaign goes live, he will share these details of the campaign with everyone he knows. Hopefully, with a snowballing effect, more and more people will read his story and come forward to help him rebuild his house and allow his parents to live a safe and dignified life. In crowdfunding, the donors do not expect any return. For them, it’s only the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped someone lead a better life. 

    Approach a non-profit

    There are a lot of non-profits working for a diverse range of causes. India has about one NGO for 400 people, whereas there is one police officer for 709 people. So, if an individual needs to raise funds for their cancer treatment, they can approach a charitable trust that provides free treatment or funds for such treatments. Similarly, there are non-profits, philanthropic initiatives that fund the higher education of bright young students who cannot otherwise afford to pursue their educational dreams. 

    Teach a course online

    If you have a skill you can sell, you can consider hosting an online workshop or series of sessions? Be it a crash course on the stock market or ‘best ways to cook vegan food’; you can use your experience and skill to teach people something and get paid for it. Make sure that you market yourself well to get maximum enrollment. You can leverage the power of social media to reach out to your potential audience. 

    This earning can go towards helping you to pay for your tuition or fund your travel dreams. 

    Host a sale

    Whether it is a used book sale or a bake sale, you can easily appeal to the bibliophiles and sweet-toothed individuals in your network. Collect and sell used books, or bake some delicious goodies, and sell them to a broad customer base during the festive season. You can even send a personalised ‘thank you’ message with each box of goodies, telling them how their purchase will help fund your dreams. This will not only make them feel acknowledged but also make them feel happy to be a part of your journey. 

    Host an Auction

    You may have a few items in your home, furniture, paintings, a leather jacket, that are just collecting dust in the corner of your home. You can collect a few other things from your friends and family members to host an auction in your locality. 

    Make sure that you send out the invite in advance to inform people about the auction. Don’t forget to mention the purpose of the auction in the invite. Tell your potential attendees that you are selling these items to raise funds for an important. This may encourage them to be more generous with their bids, and you may be able to raise the desired funds. 

    Right from crowdfunding to hosting sales, you have many ways to fundraise for yourself. Take some time to plan it, and soon enough, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals!

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