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How to Fund Cost Of Medical Treatment Abroad

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    Fund Cost Of Medical Treatment Abroad

    Travelling abroad for medical treatment may be the only option for cancer treatment. But what about the cost of the best cancer treatment abroad?

    Funding the cost of medical treatment abroad may be the number one challenge that makes most people decide against travelling abroad for medical treatment. 

    But with careful planning, the alternatives for funding the best cancer treatment abroad can cover all medical bills, and the patient and their relatives need not be troubled. Please continue reading to know them.

    Conduct a Detailed Research to Find the Best Cancer Treatment

    Cancer patients need surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, oncology nurses and social workers. Thus begin by asking the primary doctor to refer the patient to the best specialized multidisciplinary hospital abroad.

    The entire team of doctors can collaborate and chart out the right treatment. Alternatively, the patient or their relatives can research and find the best treatment themselves. Check out the patient testimonies, reviews and ratings and settle for the one with the best reviews and ratings.

    Connect the Indian Doctor and the Specialist Abroad Via Telly-Consultation

    Book a telly consultation and request the primary doctor to talk to the team of doctors abroad. Take the opportunity to share reports, and medical history and decide on all matters concerning cancer treatment. At the end of the consultation, the patient or their relatives must know the treatment tenure and approximate costs.

    Estimate the Cost of Cancer Treatment Abroad

    Healthcare expenses are not uniform all over the world. Thus, knowing the cost of medical treatment abroad is essential before travelling. Talk to people with trustworthy opinions to help them choose the essential treatments.

    Also now that the treatment tenure is decided estimate the daily expenses for food, stay and travel and at least 15% to 20% more for unforeseen expenses for the entire stay.

    Currency Exchange at the Home Base is the Best Option

    The best option to save time and money for those taking patients abroad for treatments is to exchange currency at home. It helps in the following:

    • Reducing conversion rates
    • Getting the best rates
    • Quick transfer of the patient to the hospital.

    Get a local SIM and Data Connection

    A working internet connection and a phone number are essential if the patient wants to appeal to donors through WhatsApp, SMS or emails on social media platforms. Using a local number abroad can be exorbitant; therefore, the patient or their bystander must buy a local SIM card upon reaching their destination.

    Use Crowdfunding for the Cost of Cancer Treatment Abroad

    The patient may need immediate cancer treatment abroad. But chemotherapy and other related treatment may be unaffordable. So, how do they get the essential treatment from the best oncologist in a foreign country without feeling the financial burden? The solution is crowdfunding.

    Crowdfunding is a fundraising process through which the cancer patient or their relatives appeal to prospective donors via online campaigns for financial support. The donors make small contributions that help in paying the cost of cancer treatment abroad.

    Here are tips for raising maximum funds for the cost of cancer treatment abroad:

    The donor needs to hear the Patients story

    Patients may be groggy from the cancer medicines and unable to tell their story, But the report should be compelling, and it is thus better to ask a friend or relative to write it. We have tips to help write a persuasive fundraiser.

    • Write a headline to catch the donors’ attention and update them on the patient’s current situation and the necessary treatment. When donors identify with the problem, they will donate large sums of money.
    • Finally, make it attractive with pictures.

    Get the Maximum Reach on Social Media

    Here are tips for a successful fundraising campaign to cover the cost of cancer treatment abroad:

    • Begin by posting the movement on the patients’ network with a link to the fundraiser.
    • Get the patient’s family, friends, colleagues, well-wishers, and acquaintances to share the fundraiser on social media.

    Reach out Through Email, Text Messaging and Phone Calls

    The patients and their relatives can reach out to donors personally through personal messages. All they need is a database with donor contacts.  

    Show Gratitude And Be Consistent With Updates.

    Contributions will pour in when the beneficiary acknowledges receipts and thanks the donor. Also, post regular updates to tell them how much their donations contribute to the patient’s well-being.

    End Note

    Cancer may be a dreadful disease. But with the proper and timely treatments, patients can get rid of the disease and function normally. Turkey, Thailand, Spain, and Egypt provide the best cancer treatment abroad. Follow the tips in the article to help the patient get the necessary treatment abroad without it costs drilling a hole in their pocket. 

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