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Top 5 Fundraising Ideas to Support Famous Disabled Persons in Sports in India

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    Fundraising Ideas For Disabled Sports Persons

    There are many disabled persons with talents in different fields across the length and breadth of this country. Unfortunately for many such individuals, their disability impacts their career prospects and life, in general. Sports is one area where countless disabled persons have left their unmistakable mark. The Paralympics, held every 4 years, is a great example of this. An international multi-sport event for disabled athletes, the Paralympics attracts global media attention and all-around participation from athletes worldwide. However, a little support from society can help these talented athletes reach their full potential more easily.

    In India, the government offers several facilities to disabled athletes, including housing. Nonetheless, the famous disabled persons in sports in India can still do with some additional support in the form of fundraisers or sporting events

    Fundraising Ideas To Support Disabled Persons In Sports

    You can support disabled persons in sports through simple fundraising ideas. A few are listed below:

    1. Organize A Sports Day Event

    The idea behind this event is to promote participation in sports and encourage social interaction among community members. You can organize a sports day event at your local school or club to help raise funds for disabled persons in sports.

    Invite your friends and relatives to participate in the event and place donation boxes at the event venue. The reason for donation boxes is to prompt people to donate to the cause. You can also hold competitions at various levels, so the event sees all-round participation.

    2. Organize a Charity Run or Walk

    A charity run is a great way to raise awareness about the problems faced by disabled persons in sports and raise funds for them. You can organize a charity run by approaching the National Sports Club or other similar institutions. Since these institutions support disabled people through training and rehabilitation programs, you may find their help in organizing your charity run.

    The best part about this idea is that it doesn’t cost much and can be done any time of year, as the weather permits.

    3. Sell Refreshments at Local Sporting Events

    Selling refreshments at local sporting events is an effective way to raise funds for disabled persons in sports. Local sporting bodies, such as schools, colleges, and universities, organize various sports events. They usually charge a fee for the license to sell refreshments at these events. Disabled athletes can use that money to fund their training.

    You can sell your products at these events in many ways. For instance, you can set up a stall near the entrance or on the sidelines and sell your products directly or through a distributor who has a stall at the venue. Your distributor can help you attract more people to the site, thus increasing your chance of cracking sales.

    4. Partner with a Local Firm for a Fundraiser

    Fundraising is not just about raising money. It is also about making people happy and creating awareness about the cause. The best way to do this is by partnering with a local firm or the government agency responsible for the event. Crowdfunding platforms can help with organizing local firms to fund the cause.

    You can find many companies who would like to be involved in such an event and help raise funds for sportspersons you want to support. This way, the firms get the exposure that they otherwise wouldn’t get from regular advertising campaigns and you would be able to extend support to the community of disabled sportspersons

    5. Create An Online Fundraising Campaign

    Raising funds for a good cause and making it visible to people worldwide is not very challenging in the age of digitization. You can create a fundraising campaign on crowdfunding websites or platforms such as Ketto. Make sure you have a compelling story behind your project and explain how the money will be used or why it is important.

    You can also create a video from your project or upload images to help raise awareness. You can even ask people to share the campaign on their social media accounts for maximum exposure.

    Famous Disabled Persons In Sports In India

    1. Devendra Jhajaria – Javelin thrower

    Devendra is one of the most famous disabled persons in sports in India and the first Indian Paralympic athlete to win two gold medals at the Paralympics in the years 2004 and 2016. He was awarded the Padma Shri in 2012 for his excellence as a one-armed paralympic athlete.

    2. Amit Kumar – Club thrower

    Amit Kumar is the recipient of one gold and two silver medals. As a discus and club throw athlete, he followed his dream and found his purpose!

    3. Deepa Malik – Shotput

    She is one of the most famous disabled persons in sports in India and the first female Indian to participare in the Paralympics. Through her participation in shotput, and javelin throw events, she has earned 54 national medals and 13 international medals. Malik was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2012 for her swimming performance.

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