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How can I Raise Money for Surgery?

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    Raise Money for Surgery

    We have seen medical marvels happen over the last few decades. Medical advancements have brought back people from the brink of death and given them a second chance to live the life they deserve. Be it surgery to remove a cancerous tumour or surgery to place a stent for an individual with a heart ailment, there are ways to prolong the lives of millions. Not only life-saving surgeries but even procedures that can significantly improve the quality of life for many are now possible. 

    However, saving lives and improving the quality of life for someone comes at a literal cost. There are hospital bills, medicines, post-surgery therapy bills, amongst other medical expenses that can overwhelm most of us. For many, the struggle is real. Thousands of people strive hard to get sufficient funds to pay the medical costs of their loved ones. 

    But, thankfully, there is a way for the common people to get help. If you are looking to raise money for the surgery of your loved one or an underprivileged child in your locality, you can leverage a few mediums to reach the financial goal they need. The world has collectively come up with ways to ensure that money is never the reason someone must lose a loved one. Here are four such ways:

    Start a crowdfunding campaign

    With rising healthcare costs, many people are not able to afford treatments even when necessary. In such a situation, a crowdfunding platform can be a massive help. Today, there are many such platforms in India like Ketto that hosts hundreds of campaigns to help the needy reach out to the potential donors and get monetary support for the treatment. 

    These platforms help you create a crowdfunding campaign to tell the world your story and request donors to donate a small amount towards your cause. 

    Let’s understand medical crowdfunding with an example.

    Assume that you wish to raise funds to help your nephew, a 25- year-old man who needs surgery to remove a cancerous tumour. You may use your savings and/or borrow money from friends, but if you still fall short of the required funds, you can start a crowdfunding page online. You must mention the amount that is needed on the page. This is called the goal amount. To add more transparency to the fundraising endeavour, the person running the campaign can provide details of the treatment cost. 

    You can then ask your friends, family and acquaintances to share the page link with people they know. Your campaign can give potential donors a glimpse into who you are and what you are raising funds for? Typically, crowdfunding platforms have a wide reach, and you can leverage this to raise funds for your loved one’s surgery. 

    Donation matching

    This is another way in which your community can step up by stepping in. In donation matching, you agree with any local business and/or high net worth individual that they will match the amount you have raised in other ways. For example, let’s say that you have collaborated with a local restaurant for donation matching. The restaurant has agreed to donate the same amount that you have raised through a door-to-door donation drive. So, if you have raised INR 20,000 through this, then the restaurant will match that amount and donate INR 20,000 as well. When you partner with local businesses, the business’ credibility also increases. It is a win-win situation for you and the business organisation. 

    Approach nonprofits

    There are several nonprofits that fund the surgery costs of those who can’t afford it. Spend some time researching these nonprofits. Find out if you are eligible to take their help. Nonprofits know other nonprofits in the ecosystem, so it will get easier to spread the word of what you need. 

    Avail a loan

    You can secure a personal loan from any credible financial institution such as a bank. All you need is documentation to show what you will be using the money for. Personal loans come with a high rate of interest. However, in the bigger scheme of things, repaying a loan is a small price to pay for getting a crucial surgery that you need. 

    Now that the question of ‘how can I raise money for surgery’ has been answered, go ahead and save your or loved one’s life. In all this, remember to take care of your mental health as well!

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