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How Ketto is Helping Devika Beat Cancer?

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    How Ketto is Helping Devika Beat Cancer

    Devika’s life and journey have been tumultuous so far. A media executive, a widowed mother to a child with special needs and a cancer survivor, she has seen some of the most challenging times in her life and yet defied the odds to emerge a fighter.

    She lost her husband to a kidney operation that went wrong. At the same time, her older son was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder. But, being the inspirational woman that she is, Devika even fought back against multiple myeloma like a fighter and didn’t back off one bit.

    Everything seemed good until her cancer came back with a vengeance. Since July 2020, she has tried everything – from chemotherapies to a bone marrow transplant, with no luck. But there’s still hope. A new medical procedure called CAR-T has shown 100% recovery rates for patients and is available in China. Having spent all she could while tending to her ailing husband and child, crowdfunding is the only way she can afford the costly treatment.

    Devika has previously raised 40 lakhs from her loved ones, and this fundraising campaign will help raise the remaining 2 crores 91 lakh rupees that can save her life.

    How has Ketto helped Devika?

    With no options left, Devika turned to online crowdfunding to help her fight the disease. She created a campaign on Ketto looking to raise nearly three crores for her treatment. The online process for starting a campaign on our platform is quite intuitive, and unlike other platforms, it takes just three steps.

    Ketto accepts all domestic and international payment processors. As a result, Devika reached a more comprehensive set of donors, both in India and abroad. Moreover, her campaign featuring on the ‘Fundraisers’ page got additional recognition as more people expressed their support. The fact that Devika raised vast sums of money from people across the world has helped her dream of a brighter future with her two kids.

    Total Amount of Funds Raised Till Now

    Devika’s fundraising campaign has raised INR 1,59,52,310 out of the total 2.91 crore goal amount. Many well-wishers, colleagues, and donors have contributed to her campaign. Some even donated lakhs of rupees to her campaign on Ketto.

    Total Number of Donors

    Thanks to the power of virality and social media, Devika’s crowdfunding campaign has received an overwhelming response, with over 2075 donors contributing their bit.

    If you are willing to contribute and help Devika reach her goal in the next 81 days, click the ‘Contribute Now’ button at the top of the page. Donors can then enter the amount they’re willing to donate and put in their contact details before paying the amount.


    Having lost her husband a few years ago, Devika is the only surviving parent to her two kids. So, she has no choice but to fight the deadly disease bravely. The woman has always been a champion, and every small contribution will ensure she emerges as a winner yet again. If you wish to do your bit in helping Devika beat cancer, please consider donating by visiting this page.

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