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How Medical Crowdfunding Works?

    How medical crowdfunding works

    We often read about the devastating statistics of cancer prevalence, the increasing number of road accidents, and young people dying due to unavailability of complex treatments and funds. We shouldn’t shake our heads affirming this situation instead, send out a prayer, and express the gratitude that we continue to remain safe.

    Often, we wish to help such individuals, but end up thinking that we are too small to make a difference, to save anyone’s life; we are wrong. As individuals, we hold power to create change collectively. Medical crowdfunding is about creating change through the collective efforts of many individuals.

    Let’s illustrate what medical crowdfunding looks like in a typical everyday scenario. Imagine someone you know is diagnosed with cancer. It costs money to treat such complex and life-threatening diseases; often, individuals don’t have the funds for such life-saving surgery and medication. You might rightly think that money should never be the reason someone loses their chance at living a life they deserve.

    So, you decide to raise funds for this person’s medical treatment. You might not have savings yourself, so you reach out to people within your network who in turn reach out to others in their social circle. Slowly, your efforts to raise the funds you need and ensure that the individual gets the necessary treatment gains traction.

    Now imagine doing all this using an online platform? Significantly faster and with a more diverse pool of donors. This is how online medical crowdfunding works. If you wish to fundraise to support someone’s medical treatment, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

    Let’s take the same example, as mentioned earlier. With a sincere determination, you decide to raise funds for this person. Let’s call them Mr A. Your first step will be to gather information on the amount of money needed for their treatment. Speak to the team of doctors and hospital administrators to identify the total estimated amount needed.

    Once you identify the amount, gather all the relevant bills and letters from the authorities corroborating that Mr A. needs that amount for the payment of his medical treatment.

    Next, find out the best online crowdfunding platform through which you wish to run your campaign. There are many famous and credible platforms such as Ketto, which is India’s most trusted crowdfunding platform. It also hosts numerous campaigns and has a vast history of successfully raising funds, garnering it fame across Asia.

    Find out what protocol is needed to be fulfilled for the transfer of funds. Do the transfers come to your account? Or can it be directly paid to the hospital? Based on this, provide accurate account details to the platform.

    Now, write a compelling and honest story about Mr A. and how the donations will save him. Lend more credibility to the campaign, add a human touch and include pictures of Mr A. The objective is to show donors that this is a person who is in pain and has dreams for a better future for himself.

    Upload his story, bills, and other proofs on the crowdfunding platform. This will add transparency to your campaign, and donors will feel more reassured about the campaign’s credibility.

    Share the campaign link with as many people as possible. Leverage your social media network to reach potential donors and spread the message far and wide. Share the campaign link with a personalised message on your text messaging groups.

    Provide regular updates on Mr A and his ongoing treatment to the fundraiser’s page. Those who have donated to this cause will want to know how the beneficiary is doing. You may post pictures of Mr A recovering or taking his first step post-surgery. Such images also give the donor immense gratification knowing their contribution has made a difference to some person’s life and future. It may further spur them to donate more.

    Running a medical crowdfunding campaign is worth every effort you put in. Make sure you also have someone supporting you through this so that you don’t get overwhelmed. At each step, look back at the progress you have made and move forward towards saving a life.

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