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How WhatsApp Can Help Your Ketto Campaign With Emergency Medical Needs

    Crowdfunding Campaign on WhatsApp

    Social media has given easy access to millions for their freedom of expression. There are many social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. Due to the heavy traffic on these social media platforms, if used correctly, they can be very powerful tools for successful crowdfunding.

    Crowdfunding is a process of collecting funds online for a greater cause. Crowdfunding in India is done for multiple purposes, such as raising funds for medical treatments, cancer treatments, education and finance businesses. 

    Benefits of crowdfunding campaigns

    Crowdfunding has recently changed the landscape of traditional fundraising, removing obstacles between those in need and those who can assist them. Crowdfunding has made it feasible for people to provide direct aid to those in need of urgent financial support, which has helped to fuel the broader trend of individual giving.

    Many people opt for crowdfunding when financing from the government and organizations is insufficient, which means they will depend on the generosity of their community. Online fundraising makes it simple to quickly overcome financial hurdles or raise money for a worthwhile cause by removing the traditional barriers that usually are present when asking for support. The crowdfunding campaigns satisfy you with the feeling of performing a good deed as well as qualify you for tax relief under sec 80G.

    Medical emergencies are especially unpredictable and could burden families who are not well-to-do or able to overcome such expenses. By stimulating fundraisers or crowdfunding campaigns for such families, you can be a helping hand to them and can save countless lives. 

    You can invest in any social-impact effort you want to make a change. These efforts can include crowdfunding for sponsoring meals for kids, helping accident victims pay their bills, crowdfunding campaigns for kids’ education and medical treatments like cancer treatments, surgeries and even organ transplants. The process of starting a crowdfunding campaign on Ketto is simple. You only have to follow these two easy steps: 

    • Enter the details about your crowdfunding campaign on the home page and start a campaign.
    • Share your campaign on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram to generate support and gather funds. 

    How can WhatsApp be used for crowdfunding

    With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp undoubtedly is a famous social media platform for crowdfunding. Any piece of information can be shared on WhatsApp conveniently. The release of WhatsApp Business helped many businesses to grow, as it became easier for them to target a larger audience. There are various functions on WhatsApp, including creating a group of people and sharing anything we want within seconds. Therefore, you can use WhatsApp for crowdfunding as:

    • Creating a broadcast list for crowdfunding – Here’s how you can create a broadcast list: Open WhatsApp, click on More Options and tap on New Broadcast. After that, select the contacts and add.

    • Creating groups for crowdfunding – First, open WhatsApp, click on More Options and tap on New Group. Then select the contacts you want to add, and there you go – you have created the group! After that, you can tap on the group and see all the participants.

    These are the two options from which you can target a larger audience. Start campaigning by making videos and photos and tell all the participants in your groups to promote it on their WhatsApp status or other social media platforms. 

    You can use some strategies to catch the audience for your initiative: 

    • Start giving gifts or goodies to the donors as it reflects a good gesture –  After the donor donates through the campaigning, you can give a token of appreciation, such as a keychain or a shirt, to engage more audience; this is an excellent method for better engagement.

    • Share the information about the work you do – As there are many active users on social media platforms, you can share your work through a WhatsApp broadcast list or on the group. There they all can see the work you did for the initiative.

    • Add on some examples from the real world – If you want people to incline towards your objective of serving the community for betterment and well-being, then you can add some examples or stories of people who are looking for help with their expenses of hospital bills or medical treatments. Sharing such a crowdfunding campaign on WhatsApp or any other social media platform can help you attract the masses who connect with your aim of serving society and bringing change.

    • Record a video – You can legitimize your crowdfunding campaign even more and gather the trust of the masses by recording short videos of people who need help with donations. This is an efficient method to attract donors in a limited time frame.

    Final word

    Crowdfunding is an extremely popular and successful method of raising money for medical emergencies and startups. However, how many individuals you manage to reach and how effectively you interact with them can greatly affect how successful your campaign is. Social media, such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, is a fantastic tool for creating a brand community and presenting your campaign to the proper target market. Thus, you must make sure that your campaign has a solid social media strategy.

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