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Examples of Successful Education Crowdfunding Campaigns to Learn From

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    Successful Education Crowdfunding Campaigns

    Hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns succeed every day, but only a small percentage has become wildly popular. Only a small fraction of people ever succeed in exceeding their target by more than ten or twenty times. There is something extra that these campaigns are doing that is helping them. If you’re planning your crowdfunding effort, you can learn much from studying successful ones like these. This article discusses very successful Education Crowdfunding Campaigns this year that you can learn from.

    A student can either start a campaign to raise money for their own education or donate to a friend’s campaign. If a parent wants to raise money for their child’s future education, they can launch a crowdfunding campaign. You can also work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that focus on enhancing the quality of education in rural schools by raising money for relevant causes. Ketto, a crowdfunding platform focused on education, allows anyone to quickly launch campaigns to raise money for educational initiatives.

    The rising cost of education makes it difficult for many families to pay for their children’s education, both at the elementary and secondary levels and in higher education.

    While the goal of “education for every child in India” is admirable, the reality is that millions of kids in the country never make it through elementary, secondary, and higher education. Every student who has to give up on their studies is a loss to the nation, more of their personal loss. But those who were fortunate enough to finish their formal educations can support kids in India by contributing to a crowdfunding campaign.

    Education Crowdfunding Campaigns are useful for educators, students, and non-profits to collect money for classroom necessities like supplies, field trips, and toilets. Crowdfunding can also be used to pay for things like expanding classroom space, constructing a new gym, and providing daily meals to students. The use of crowdsourcing platforms to finance schooling is growing in popularity. It’s quick, simple, and efficient, and it can help a lot of people.

    Examples Of Successful Education Crowdfunding Campaigns

    Chess Up: Chess Up, with its beautifully crafted Kickstarter page, became one of if not the most successful chess projects in Kickstarter history. Even though they failed to include a campaign video, a vital component, their thorough page descriptions, and polished overall presentation were enough to carry them to the finish line. Every aspect of the product is described in detail, and enticing extras are available to make the campaign more appealing to funders.

    Lesson: Irrespective of the nature of your product, you must provide detailed descriptions of its features and how to use them. You can also visually categorize and describe the features to break up the monotony.

    Sentient Audio: Sentient Audio is another ad that will grab the viewers attention immediately. It’s all in their advertising video. It seemed highly unlikely that this campaign wouldn’t achieve its level of success thanks to the stunning commercial that not only describes the product’s qualities but also introduces you to the team behind the entire campaign. The video is well shot, with minimal music and an emphasis on the product and its benefits.

    Lesson: The campaign’s video is crucial in capturing widespread attention. You won’t just be able to zero in on the product’s script, but you can also give it a human touch by introducing your staff. Even if it’s just you are running the campaign, having that “human element” will give you more credibility.

    Ostrich-down pillowcase mask: You can trust that an Ostrich pillow product will be put to good use in your daily life. When a well-known company uses crowdfunding, it’s important to safeguard its good name. Ostrich pillow did a fantastic job showcasing the product’s benefits and why you need it in your life on their marketing page.

    Lesson: What you can do better If you’re a well-known company venturing into crowdfunding, follow their lead and ensure your product is accurately represented through consistent branding and references to your prior accomplishments. Doing so will aid in maintaining your company’s reputation while attracting new clients.

    Retio: Crowdfunding a timeless, vintage product to such great success is a simple feat, but Retio managed it brilliantly thanks to their fantastic website design. The visuals and professionally taken photographs they used to show the production process were another excellent aspect of their campaign.

    Lesson: Regardless of how much text you provide on your crowdfunding page, visuals play a major influence in elevating the user experience. If your crowdfunding campaign includes interesting visuals, it will have a better chance of success.

    3D Luminous wooden world map: First, this ad shows how they have employed images to promote their goods. However, the interaction with their supporters is what makes them stand out. From replying to every criticism to offering regular updates, they have been keeping up with their level of communication in the best way possible.

    Lesson: Communication is a key part of any successful marketing. The more practice, the better the results. The level of trustworthiness of your campaign will be determined by how well you communicate with your backers, whether through prompt responses to their questions or regular updates.


    While there are always going to be new campaigns, learning from past triumphs and failures is now much simpler. Using references and feedback from previous education crowdfunding campaigns might help you fine-tune your effort.

    Ketto, an online crowdfunding tool, makes raising money for school projects easy, fast, and efficient. Ketto’s education crowdfunding platform makes it easy to launch a crowdfunding campaign for school programs in India and beyond, benefiting students, educators, non-profits, and other organizations.

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