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Liver Transplant Cost in Chennai – Find Best Liver Transplant Hospitals In Chennai

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    Liver Transplant Cost In Chennai

    Organ transplantation is a medical marvel that has saved countless lives worldwide. In this remarkable procedure, a healthy organ from a living or deceased donor is transplanted into the body of a recipient with a failing organ. While the history of organ transplantation is relatively new, the field has made tremendous strides over the years, offering hope to those in need. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of organ transplants, while sharing some interesting facts about this life-saving medical practice.

    In 1954 Dr. Joseph Murray performed a kidney transplant between identical twins. Since then, the field of transplantation has come a long way, including heart, liver, lung, pancreas, and even face and hand transplants. These achievements stand as a testament to human ingenuity and medical progress.

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    The Pioneers of Organ Transplantation

    The story of organ transplantation begins with a pioneering spirit that dates back to the early 20th century. In 1905, the first successful cornea transplant was performed, marking a monumental moment in medical history. But the true revolution began in the mid-20th century when Dr. Joseph Murray and Dr. David Hume achieved the world’s first successful kidney transplant in 1954. This achievement ushered in a new era of hope and possibilities for patients suffering from end-stage organ failure.

    Fast forward to 1967, when Dr. Christiaan Barnard, a South African surgeon, made history by performing the world’s first heart transplant. The recipient, Louis Washkansky, received a new lease on life, albeit briefly. Nevertheless, this pioneering procedure set the stage for the modern era of organ transplantation. These remarkable achievements have paved the way for the sophisticated field of liver transplantation.

    The Remarkable History of Liver Transplants

    Liver transplants are miraculous medical procedures that offer hope and a second chance at life to individuals suffering from end-stage liver diseases. The liver transplant procedure has come a long way since the first successful surgery in 1967.

    Liver transplantation has a remarkable history. Dr. Thomas E. Starzl, often referred to as the “father of transplantation,” performed the first successful liver transplant in 1967. This groundbreaking surgery paved the way for countless lives to be saved, and today, thousands of liver transplants are performed each year.

    Only the liver can regenerate itself. In fact, a liver can regenerate to its full size within a matter of months after undergoing a partial liver transplant. This incredible regenerative capacity has allowed for living-donor liver transplants, where a portion of a healthy donor’s liver can be transplanted into the recipient.

    Living-donor liver transplants are a marvel of modern medicine. If a healthy individual donates a portion of their liver to someone in need, both the donor’s and recipient’s livers will regenerate to near-normal function within a few months. This not only reduces the demand for deceased donor organs but also saves countless lives.

    Liver transplant procedures have one of the highest success rates among all organ transplants. The one-year survival chance for liver transplant recipients is approximately 90%, and the five-year survival rate is over 70%. This success is a testament to the dedication of the medical community and the resilience of the human body.

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    The Cost of Liver Transplant in Chennai

    Organ transplants are life-saving medical procedures that offer hope to individuals suffering from severe organ failure. While these procedures hold the promise of a new lease on life, they often come with a significant financial burden. The costs associated with organ transplants include pre-operative evaluations, the surgical procedure itself, post-operative care, and a lifelong commitment to immunosuppressant medications, among other expenses.

    The same is the case with liver transplants. They are not only life-changing but also come with a hefty price tag. The cost of a liver transplant includes pre-operative evaluations, the surgery itself, post-operative care, and lifelong medication expenses. Insurance coverage and financial assistance programs are crucial for making this life-saving procedure accessible to all in need.

    Liver transplant, like any other organ transplant costs, can be substantial, making it a daunting financial burden for many, particularly those from grassroots and rural areas who often have limited resources. In such circumstances, platforms like Ketto play a crucial role in providing financial assistance and hope to those in need. Ketto is a crowdfunding platform that empowers individuals and communities to come together to raise funds for life-saving medical procedures, including liver transplants. It connects patients and their families with a wide network of potential donors, philanthropists, and compassionate individuals willing to contribute to the cause. This platform bridges the financial gap, making it possible for even those with modest means to afford critical surgery expenses. Ketto’s impact extends beyond just financial support; it represents a collective effort to create a brighter future for those facing the challenges of liver disease and the formidable costs associated with a transplant.

    When it comes to liver transplant surgery, choosing the right hospital is crucial. In Chennai, you have several top-notch options for liver transplant surgeries. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best hospitals and discuss liver transplantation cost in Chennai.

    Chennai: A Hub for Medical Excellence

    Chennai, often referred to as the “Detroit of Asia” for its burgeoning automobile industry, has also gained recognition as a hub for medical excellence. The city’s healthcare ecosystem boasts world-class hospitals, a skilled medical workforce, and state-of-the-art facilities, particularly in the field of organ transplantation. 

    Chennai’s ascent to becoming a medical destination is driven by several factors. The city’s commitment to healthcare infrastructure development, a legacy of educational institutions producing highly skilled healthcare professionals, and a favourable cost of living have all contributed to its success in the medical field. As a result, Chennai has earned a prominent place on the global map of medical tourism, attracting patients from around the world in search of quality medical care. Find out more about the liver transplant cost Chennai has to offer and more in the FAQ section.

    Best Hospitals for Liver Transplant in Chennai

    Which is the best liver transplant hospital in Chennai? Apollo Hospital, Global Hospitals, Fortis Malar Hospital, MIOT International Hospital, Kauvery Hospital, Billroth Hospitals, and Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre are among the top institutions in the city. However, it’s essential to consider the associated costs, which can vary widely. The cost for liver transplant in Chennai can vary depending on the hospital, the complexity of the procedure, and the specific medical requirements of the patient. Those facing financial challenges can raise funds to cover their medical expenses through Ketto. It is one of the most trusted crowdfunding platforms in India. With the right hospital and financial support, you or your loved one can receive the best possible care while or post undergoing a liver transplant in Chennai.

    Apollo Hospital: Among The Finest Liver Hospital In Chennai

    Emergency Number: 1066

    Helpline Number: 1860-500-1066

    Book an appointment: +918069991000

    Apollo Lifeline International: +91-40-4344-1066

    Address: Apollo Hospitals, Greams Lane,

    21, Off Greams Road, Chennai – 600006

    Phone Number: +91-44-40401066


    Address: Apollo Specialty Hospital, Teynampet

    No. 320, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Nandanam, Chennai-600 035

    Phone Number: +91-44-24336119


    Address: Apollo Specialty Hospital, Perungudi, OMR

    05/639, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai – 600096

    Phone Number: +91-44-40401066


    Apollo Hospitals has three locations in Chennai, and the addresses along with their respective phone numbers are provided above.

    Apollo Hospitals was established in 1983 by the visionary Dr. Prathap C Reddy. They have become synonymous with excellence in healthcare. Apollo Hospital Chennai is a paragon of medical excellence, renowned for its groundbreaking transplant program and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

    Apollo Hospital, Chennai, specialises in various multi-organ transplant procedures, including liver, kidney, cornea, heart, intestine, GI, pancreatic, and pediatric transplants, with a remarkable success rate of over 90%.

    Apollo Hospital Chennai ensures the highest standard of patient care and surgical precision. The hospital is prepared for every eventuality, from living donor surgeries to cadaver surgeries.

    Highlights of the infrastructure:

    1. Laparoscopic Argon Beam Laser for advanced liver surgery.
    2. Innovative technologies such as Tissue Link™ in combination with other liver resection methods like CUSA™ and Laparoscopic Vascular Stapling.
    3. Expertise in Bloodless Liver Surgery, performed with remarkably high success rates.
    4. Round-the-clock availability of a fully equipped Blood Bank.
    5. Specialised Pathology and Immunology facilities for comprehensive investigation of patients undergoing liver transplantation.
    6. A dedicated Hepatobiliary Critical Care Unit, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring and care.
    7. A skilled team of Hepatobiliary physicians, anaesthesiologists, and specialised OR Nursing staff.
    8. Dedicated ICU and Multi Organ Transplant Unit (MOTU) facilities for post-operative recovery and monitoring of donors and recipients.

    Landmark Achievements:

    1. The first successful pediatric liver transplant was carried out in 1998.
    2. The first successful adult cadaveric transplant was carried out in 1998.
    3. The first successful liver transplant for acute liver failure was carried out in 1999.
    4. India’s youngest pediatric liver transplant was carried out in 2008.
    5. Asia’s first en-bloc combined heart and liver transplant was carried out here, placing the hospital among a select few centres worldwide capable of this feat.
    6. The first simultaneous Liver-Intestine-Pancreas transplant was carried out here, a testament to their exceptional surgical expertise.

    Global Hospitals: Pinnacle of Excellence For Liver Hospital In Chennai

    Emergency Number: +91 44 4624 2424

    Address: 439, Cheran Nagar, Perumbakkam – Sholinganallur,

    Chennai – 600 100, Tamil Nadu

    Phone Number: 044-4477 7000

    Located in Perumbakkam, Chennai, Gleneagles Global Health City, often referred to as Global Hospital Chennai, has emerged as a prestigious healthcare institution that serves as a ray of hope for patients in pursuit of world-class medical care. This remarkable hospital boasts cutting-edge infrastructure, advanced medical equipment, a group of exceptionally skilled doctors and healthcare professionals. They provide a comprehensive array of specialities to cater to patients’ individual healthcare needs. Regarding liver care, Global Hospital Chennai stands as an internationally recognised, multi-disciplinary powerhouse, setting a benchmark for liver disease management in Asia.

    Global Hospital Chenna’s multi-disciplinary clinical team has a holistic vision for liver care, focusing on comprehensive disease management. This collaborative approach to healthcare has earned GGHC a distinguished reputation, making it one of Asia’s premier destinations for liver disease treatment.

    The hospital’s labs are furnished with cutting-edge imaging equipment, including CT scan machines, ultrasound machines, and MRI machines, allowing for precise and clear visualisation of medical conditions.

    The dedicated team, equipped with the latest medical technology, provides personalised care, tailoring treatment plans to individual patient needs.

    Whether it’s cardiac care, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, or any other medical field, Gleneagles Global Health City is well-prepared to provide top-notch healthcare services.

    Fortis Malar Hospital: Top-notch Liver Hospital In Chennai

    Emergency Number: 044 4933 4933

    Helpline: +91 9926599933

    Address: No. 52, 1st Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600 020.

    Appointments: +91 99625 99933 / 044 4289 2222


    Founded in 1996 with a vision of world-class healthcare, Fortis Hospitals has excelled in providing compassionate patient care. Offering a comprehensive range of medical specialities, from cardiac care to neurosurgery and orthopaedics, Fortis is dedicated to patient well-being. With cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication, it stands as a symbol of compassionate excellence in Indian healthcare.

    The hospital features a well-equipped infrastructure with approximately 180 beds, including 60 ICU beds, 4 state-of-the-art operating theatres, a digital flat-panel Cath lab, a modern dialysis unit, and a range of other top-tier facilities.

    MIOT International Hospital: One Of The Top Liver Hospital In Chennai

    Emergency Number: 105710

    Address: MIOT International

    4/112, Mount Poonamalle Road,

    Manapakkam, Chennai – 600 089

    Tamil Nadu, India

    Phone Number: +91 44 42002288, +91 44 22492288

    Fax: +91 44 22491188, +91 44 22491313


    On the 12th of February, 1999, Padmashri Prof. Dr. P. V. A. Mohandas established the Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (MIOT) as a 70-bed hospital with a dedicated focus on Orthopaedics and Trauma Care. Over the years, MIOT has transformed into MIOT International, evolving into one of India’s most trusted healthcare institutions. 

    With a capacity of 1000 beds and expertise spanning 63 specialities, MIOT International Hospital takes immense pride in its team of world-class professionals who harness state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology to bring healing and hope to patients. Renowned as a leader in healthcare, MIOT International Hospital has become a global destination, welcoming patients from 130 countries in their quest for wellness.

    MIOT International holds a prominent position as one of Chennai’s premier hospitals for liver transplants. With the essential facilities and a wealth of expertise, MIOT is well-prepared for the intricate and life-saving procedure of liver transplantation. Through the MIOT Gold Standard Liver Transplant Programme (MGST) at the Advanced Centre for Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases, MIOT has successfully completed 96 liver transplant surgeries since the inception of the program. This multi-disciplinary team includes esteemed hepatologists, top transplant surgeons in India, specialised liver surgery anaesthetists, haematologists, oncologists, interventional radiologists, and infectious disease specialists. Notably, MIOT Hospitals also excel in pediatric liver transplants, having performed numerous successful procedures in children.

    Kauvery Hospital: A Known Name For The Best Liver Hospital In Chennai

    Emergency Number: +91 44- 4000 6000

    Address: Kauvery Hospital Chennai – Radial Road

    No. 2/473, Radial Road

    Kovilambakkam, Chennai – 600 129

    Tamil Nadu, India.

    Phone Number: +91 44 6111 6111

    Address: Kauvery Hospital Chennai – Alwarpet

    No.199, Luz Church Road


    Chennai Tamilnadu, India.

    Phone Number: +91-73387 38886, 044 4000 6000

    Address: Kauvery Hospital Vadapalani

    225A, 23/1, Arcot Rd, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026

    Phone Number: 044 4000 6000


    Kauvery Hospital is conveniently accessible with three locations in Chennai, and the respective addresses and phone numbers have been provided above for your reference.

    Kauvery Hospital has been a pioneering force in the healthcare industry for almost two decades, consistently delivering top-tier multi-specialty medical services. They have an unwavering commitment to patient care, safety, and satisfaction, they are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services that go beyond conventional norms.

    Their transplant team stands as a paragon of experience, having undergone extensive training in leading international centres. Kauvery Hospital is among the select few facilities in the country where a comprehensive range of services, including deceased donor and living donor liver transplantation, as well as the treatment of gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, and pancreatic conditions, is available under one roof.

    A dedicated state-of-the-art Liver ICU (LICU) has been established to ensure optimal outcomes for patient’s critical and post-operative care. Additionally, Kauvery Hospital maintains a round-the-clock liver helpline, offering immediate support and guidance to patients. A specialised team, comprising transplant surgeons, hepatobiliary surgeons, intensivists, and surgical gastroenterologists, collaborates seamlessly to deliver high-quality care to patients.

    Stanley Medical College And Hospital: One Of The Top Liver Hospital In Chennai

    Address: No.1, Old Jail Road, Chennai-600 001

    Phone Number: 9363475462 / 9940483874

    Email: |

    Stanley Medical College And Hospital is a distinguished government medical college and hospital situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. While the hospital itself boasts a remarkable history spanning over two centuries, the formal establishment of the medical college took place on July 2, 1938. Notably, Stanley Medical College holds the 11th position in the India Today & Nielson 2013 survey, a testament to its excellence in medical education and healthcare.

    In recent developments, Stanley Medical College And Hospital stands as one of the notable medical colleges in Tamil Nadu. This significant expansion reflects the institution’s commitment to advancing medical education and contributing to the healthcare needs of the community.

    Regarded as a heritage in the field of medical education and healthcare, Stanley Medical College And Hospital remains dedicated to imparting the highest quality of knowledge and service to the community, both in the present and in the years to come.

    MGM Healthcare: Top-notch Liver Hospital In Chennai

    Emergency Number: +91 44 4200 4200

    Address: MGM Healthcare Pvt Ltd

    No 72, Old No 54

    Nelson Manickam Road,

    Aminjikarai, Chennai – 600029

    Phone Number: +91 44 4524 240, +91 44 4527 2727


    Nestled in the heart of Chennai, India, MGM Healthcare stands as a state-of-the-art super-speciality hospital that redefines the patient experience on every level. Through a fusion of expertise, cutting-edge technology, and an environmentally conscious approach, MGM Healthcare is committed to setting new standards in patient care.

    Every facet of the hospital’s campus embodies a healing ethos, from the awe-inspiring city’s tallest vertical garden to the therapeutic use of music in critical care zones. Each floor showcases thematic art galleries, celebrating the rich tapestry of Tamil Nadu’s cultural heritage. With a ground-plus-11-floor structure, MGM Healthcare has been meticulously designed to offer a nurturing ambience that seamlessly incorporates energy-efficient practices. This holistic approach extends the concept of healthcare to include environmental sustainability.

    MGM Healthcare, a 400-bed quaternary care hospital in Chennai’s bustling heart, proudly presents its Institute of Liver Diseases, Liver Transplantation, and HPB Surgery. This visionary institute harnesses the latest technology, innovative approaches, and cutting-edge medical protocols to combat liver, pancreas, and biliary system disorders. The primary aim of this institute is to provide individuals grappling with severe liver, gastrointestinal, and HPB conditions with a renewed lease on life.

    At the core of this institute is a multifaceted team, boasting a vast cumulative experience of over 4,000 liver transplants. With a dedicated operation theatre and ICU designed exclusively for liver transplant and HPB surgery patients, MGM Healthcare ensures the highest level of specialised care. The institute excels in Living Donor Liver Transplantation, achieving remarkable outcomes and boasting a high success rate. Additionally, the medical management of liver diseases and HPB conditions is spearheaded by expert physicians, guaranteeing comprehensive and cutting-edge care for patients.

    Now that you are aware of the best hospitals in Chennai for liver transplants, you might be wondering about the associated costs. It’s important to note that liver transplant surgery can be expensive. To help those in need, Ketto, a crowdfunding platform, can provide assistance. Whether you’re looking to cover the liver transplant cost in Chennai, liver transplant surgery cost, or seeking financial support for a loved one’s surgery, Ketto can connect you with potential donors. Visit Ketto’s website to create a fundraiser and start your campaign today.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Here, you’ll find some FAQs and their answers regarding the cost of liver transplant in Chennai:

    Q1: How much does a liver transplant cost in Chennai?

    Answer: The cost of a liver transplant in Chennai is dependant on several factors, including choice of hospital, the patient’s specific medical condition, and the complexity of the procedure. On average, the cost for liver transplant in Chennai can range from Rs 20 lakhs to Rs 30 lakhs or even higher at private hospitals.

    Q2: What is the liver transplant cost in government hospital, Chennai?

    Answer: Government hospitals in Chennai often provide liver transplant services at a subsidised cost compared to private institutions. The exact cost may vary, but it is typically more affordable, making it a viable option for patients with limited financial resources. For precise cost details, it’s advisable to contact the specific government hospital in question.

    Q3: Where can I find the best liver transplantation cost in Chennai?

    Answer: The cost of liver transplantation in Chennai can vary among different hospitals. To find the best liver transplantation cost, it’s recommended to explore multiple hospitals and compare their packages. While doing so, consider not only the price but also the reputation of the hospital, the expertise of the medical team, and the overall quality of care provided.

    Q4: Are there any financial assistance options for liver transplant costs in Chennai?

    Answer: Yes, there are financial assistance options available for patients in Chennai who require a liver transplant. Some hospitals offer financial aid programs, and crowdfunding platforms like Ketto can help raise funds for the procedure. Additionally, government schemes and health insurance policies may provide partial coverage for transplant expenses, depending on eligibility and terms.

    Giving Hope To Patients in Need: The Role of Ketto

    While the advancements in medical science and the growth of medical tourism in Chennai have made organ transplantation more accessible. However, the liver transplant surgery cost in Chennai can be overwhelming. This is where Ketto, a crowdfunding platform, enters the picture. Ketto empowers patients and their families to overcome the financial challenges of organ transplantation through the process of crowdfunding.

    In conclusion, the journey of organ transplantation, with its remarkable history and the enduring spirit of medical pioneers, has brought us to a place where miracles are a reality. Chennai, a city known for its medical excellence, offers hope and healing through its leading hospitals. While the cost of liver transplantation can be substantial, the emergence of platforms like Ketto ensures that no one is left without a lifeline in their time of need. 

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