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Now You Can Sponsor Someone’s Education Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

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    Monthly Donations for Sponsoring Education

    In data published by the World Bank, in 2021, approximately, 3.07 million children were not even in primary school. One of the leading causes for these children not attaining their right to basic education is poverty. The inability to attain education leads the youth of the nation to fall behind. This lack of foundation knowledge makes it difficult for them to sustain a stable job in the future. Among different ways to add meaning to these children’s lives, is a sponsorship program. Let us understand how with Monthly Donations For Sponsoring Education you can help them to thrive and attain foundation knowledge with minimum investment.

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    What is Sponsorship?

    Sponsorship is a relationship between two parties. Herein the sponsor or one party provides services, resources, and funding. The other party or the receiver is a beneficiary. Sponsorship for a child’s education is a unique program that connects a child in need to a sponsor or a compassionate person like you.  Monthly Donations for Sponsoring Education mean providing a child with an opportunity to grow up educated. They can then become the instrument of decreasing poverty and improving the health of the overall society.

    What is covered in the Monthly donations for sponsoring education?

    By Monthly Donations for Sponsoring Education, you can educate a child without burning a hole in your pocket. It allows you to educate a child without burning a hole in your pocket. You can help them break free of poverty by helping them cover their tuition fee, school uniforms, stationery, and other essentials.

    How much does the sponsorship cost?

    Platforms such as  Ketto have a social impact plan. These plans allow supporters to help with a child’s education for as low as 200 per month. Your support through such programs helps a child learn and grow. It also creates a ripple effect for generations and enables them to get away from poverty.

    Why opt for monthly donations for sponsoring education?

    Monthly donations for sponsoring education are a pocket-friendly way to be a part of the community-led change process. This involves an impact on the education system in the first place and eventually in the spheres of healthcare and protection. Through monthly donations, the sponsorship allows you to participate in empowering your community.

    Final Thoughts

    There are several ways to provide your continued support and invest in the community. We at Ketto provide you with an opportunity to be a change-maker in society without burning a hole in your pocket. With our Social Impact Plan, you can invest a small amount to send a child to school every month.

    We take donations in any denomination and have been able to raise ₹ 60Crore plus to date. The 250,000 plus active donors have supported 4000 plus children through monthly donations for sponsoring education. They benefit from contributions to the community and in return can benefit from Tax deductions under Section 80G.

    Come become a support to the community by providing monthly donations for sponsoring education at Ketto.

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